Log Cabin Recap Plus A Few Additional Pics V2

 This is what the project should look like when completed.
 Forms for the footings going in.
 Some of the plumbing going in.
 Footings are in and the the inside is filled and prepped for the in floor radiant heating.
 Same location different angle.
 First coarse of block going in, also done so that the slab could be poured.
 Here we have the insulation and the rebar and wire going in, the radiant heating tubing goes right on the rebar and is zip tied to it, there is 1000' of 1/2 tubing divided into 3 zones.
 The slab pour in progress.
 Snow break.
 Block going up.
 More Block.
 Here are the Logs that will go up, the rabbits have really enjoyed this temporary housing.
This is where we are at this point, we have moved the work inside for now due to the weather.

More of this cabin build can be found here


Timeless Quotes That Stir the Senses

Republic. I like the sound of the word. It means people can live free, talk free, go or come, buy or sell, be drunk or sober, however they choose. Some words give you a feeling. Republic is one of those words that makes me tight in the throat - the same tightness a man gets when his baby takes his first step or his first baby shaves and makes his first sound as a man. Some words can give you a feeling that makes your heart warm. Republic is one of those words.
-John Wayne as Col. Davy Crockett In the Alamo (1960)

     I really wish the Duke were here today to call foul on a lot of the garbage going on these days, sadly though I think he is rolling in his grave at what we have become.

If anyone else has any good quotes out there please leave them in the comment section and I will collect them for a post in a week of so. Thanks


Common Sense Revisited

     Common Sense, it is a pretty straight forward set of two words right? Not anymore.

     Someone has said that it's  not too common anymore and I would tend to agree with them wholeheartedly. Now the rest of the world can be as stupid as it wants but when it starts to affect you then you have to make a decision to either accept it and go with the flow or you have to change and set your own path. Well If you are not one of the many sheeple and you see that there are problems in the world and you don't like how it impacts how you live then a change is needed and they can be as small or as large as you want as long as it works for you and gets done what you want to get done but either way if you want a different result then you have to introduce some sort of stimuli to get your change. IE. make decisions that benefit and help you, use your resources wisely, do you really need that new 60 something inch plasma TV , no not really, there is nothing but garbage on it anyway.

     News you say. No don't go there either you will get way better news on the net anyway and usually days faster too unless it is breaking this minute and even then it will be on the net soon enough. So what better to do with your money? Good question and a whole lot of answers. We as Americans buy just about every piece of junk out there whether we need it or not and most of it really is junk that in no way contributes to our well being. Take 10 minutes and walk through your house and take stock of the thing you really use every day and then look at what is collecting dust in the closet or the garage that you used once and then never touched again. I'll bet there is more junk than useful things huh? Lets look at getting rid of all those things and making money off it in the process. Bottom line is if you don't use it then loose it and buy the things that you really use and are useful to you. This also goes for services that we use too much of also. Make yourself a simple spread sheet and see where all that money is going and see where you can cut back and do it yourself.

     Common sense to me seems to have left so many people these days because there always seems to be someone else around to fix the mistake or to get someone through the problem. There used to be a time when actions used to be much slower, more thought out and choices were made with the consequences in mind,, not so much anymore. Why was common sense more common in days past? well part of it was that we took the time to think things out, we were not in such a rush as we are now, also I believe we had better morals and respect for our fellow man.

Get Internet Access When Your Government Shuts It Down, Sort OF

Does your government have an Internet kill-switch? Read our guide to Guerrilla Networking and be prepared for when the lines get cut. Article here

By Patrick Miller, David Daw, PCWorld

These days, no popular movement goes without an Internet presence of some kind, whether it’s organizing on Facebook or spreading the word through Twitter. And as we’ve seen in Egypt, that means that your Internet connection can be the first to go. Whether you’re trying to check in with your family, contact your friends, or simply spread the word, here are a few ways to build some basic network connectivity when you can’t rely on your cellular or landline Internet connections. Article here
This is a good article on one option to consider if or when the net was ever to be shut down here, I look at it as a back-up to a back-up. The article has some technical speak to it but what doesn't these days.


Test Post Please Ignore, Thanks

Please Ignore this post, There is no need to Click on it.

Repost on the Buy American Circular Firing Squad

      I have touched on this concept a few times in the past in several different ways and my opinion on how well we Americans like to deliberately fail ourselves  remains unchanged. One area in particular that I do not think many people think through is the vicious cycle that we are in with regards to our economy, at this point in time who or what event caused it is not important  but the solution in getting out of it is!  I have no faith in our government or any other entity for that matter to get us out of it, for that matter I see it as a people issue, that's you and me folks. We have to fix this problem, yes it is a big problem, yes it take some sacrifice and yes if we do not fix it we will pass it on to our children to deal with in the future, that is if we have a future!

     OK in the simplest terms one problem I see that puts us in that circular firing squad with the economy is for example Joe schmuckatelli  ( sorry Joe ) is either unemployed or underemployed and has filed for unemployment insurance. Joe now with a reduced income tightens his belt to make ends meet, We all do this right? we all want the best price we can find  no matter what we shop on, we compare, we look for the deal. Now we do it even more to stretch the dollar and that is where most people leave it, right there with the lowest price for that product. This is where we have our problem and how we screw ourselves, Do you know where the product was made? Do we even care? Sadly most people do not know or worse yet even care they are just out for the best price, Best price on the face anyway but we fail to look at the overall cost or the human cost.

     Consider this, Joe used to work in a manufacturing plant making toasters ( substitute any consumer product ) As demand for this toaster went down people started to get laid off now you know people suddenly did not decide to give up their toast, What happened? well someone in another country decided to make that same toaster but the labor they use to make it with only costs them about a dollar a day so therefore the overall cost for this toaster in your local department store is much lower then the toaster Joe produces. Lower cost in a bad economy means people are more willing to buy a cheaper product both in cost and maybe quality. Now if people go out and buy more of the toaster that is made out of the country versus the toaster made in your country you will eventually end up with that person in this case Joe being laid off because his product is no longer in as high a demand, that means he will need his unemployment check or maybe food stamps so what does that toaster really cost you?

     Now I know some people will scream protectionism or that in some way a job created overseas will create a better job over here or that we will switch to a technology/ service economy but I will disagree. Why I will disagree is that not everyone is cut out for a technology job or a service job, take your pick. I hate to say it but there are a lot of people out there that have limited skills and have no desire to make better of themselves and therefore they will fit into a certain low level job market. This is not good nor is it bad, it is their choice to do as they wish and I would much rather buy a product that they make and keep them employed versus someone outside of the country. I believe that this should also apply to other countries too, they should take care of their own countrymen first as well.
The bottom line here is that where the product was made is important. Do you want your money to stay  in your country and be paid out as a salary to one of your countrymen or do you want it to leave the country and eventually hurt a worker here? There will always be a demand for a specific specialty product that is made in some other country and that is a good thing but for the majority of things I would like them to be made in their host country so as to benefit that country because there will never ever be parity in cost between different countries.

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Andrew C. Wallace -- Why 11 Police Officers were Shot in 24 Hours

Andrew C. Wallace -- Why 11 Police Officers were Shot in 24 Hours

A good article here and he gets more into the underlying cause, well worth the read.


Live Radio Reference Site

My Adventures in Self Reliance  Brought up a good source on a comment on one of my earlier articles today. For those with a computer who want to listen to state and local police, fire and emergency traffic without a scanner you can go to this site and listen in.  http://www.radioreference.com/

If you get a chance stop my and say Hi over at My Adventures I am sure she would appreciate it. 



Communications During Civil Unrest or Riots

CAIRO, EGYPT - JANUARY 28:  Riot police fire w...Image by Getty Images via @daylife
     We know here from recent events such as in Egypt, Iran, China and other countries that they will clamp down on electronic communications when they feel it is going against them. With the explosion in the last 20 years of several types of personal communications devices Governments have sought ways to limit the flow of information both going out or in. It used to be that news papers, radio and television were our main forms of information and they were either owned or tightly controlled and regulated by the Government.  With the advent of cell phones, Blackberry, Facebook, Myspace, Twitter and text messaging the grip of Government censorship has been lessened to some extent and we are now able to see things that are happening worldwide that we couldn't before. Governments though are working hard  to increase their control of censorship on these new information outlets, recent efforts can be seen such as in Egypt where they are trying to shut them down to stem the tide of riots in the country.

     Now how does this translate into anything that might affect you here in this country? Well call me crazy but  we from time to time have our own riots here, not too often but we do have them and they can be nasty, ugly, deadly and generally someplace you don't want to be. I also have no doubt that our own Government has taken under advisement the pro's and con's of shutting down communications during times of unrest, we currently have an ongoing debate about the internet kill switch, but my gut feeling says they are looking further then that. One case in point that I think they will site was the rash of "flash mobs" created by twitter account users that created mini on-site riots and general mayhem.

      We here in the US and other countries have become very dependent of our wireless toys as forms of communications to the point of where we might compare not having them to drug and alcohol withdrawal, I know from my personal standpoint that I go nuts when I can't plug in and I am sure some of you might have the same issue. Having a good flow of information regardless is very important and you should always have some sort of a backup, some options include AM/FM radio, Ham, CB, Multiband Scanner anything to keep you in the loop during a disturbance. Information can be a powerful thing, it can tell you whats coming or where a problem is and help you in deciding where you want to be during that. Another benefit of having some type of non government controlled communications can the the ability to stay in touch with friends and family, food for thought.

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Guest Post From Teenager D on Her Take on Survival

Today I have a guest post from a teenager in high school, A girl too with thoughts on survival.

Written by D

“SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST”  How many have you have heard that before? I can guarantee that at least ¾ of you have heard it.

The saying has been around  for awhile, but the practice has been used even longer. Animals have a way of surviving even in the harshest of areas for basically before the beginning of time. This is because the strongest of the animals dominate and get rid of the weaker ones so that the species can keep going.

The saying “SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST” can also be applied to modern human life and preparing for the future. Ok, so let’s break this saying into two parts: “SURVIVAL” and “FITTEST”.

Let’s start with “SURVIVAL”:

    Survival means “the continuation of life”.

Surviving in the future means preparing now. To prepare now means to have provisions such as water. Food. Shelter, and a way to escape if necessary.

Now lets go on the “FITTEST”:

    Fittest means “the most well off or the strongest”.

In this case the fittest person would be the one with the most provisions for the future as well as health.

So if we combine “SURVIVAL” and “FITTEST”, we get “the continuation of life through the most resources and/or strength and health”. in other words the saying means being prepared for whatever happens in the future. Being the most prepared means having a few necessities. Those necessities are food, water, shelter, and a way to escape if necessary. Also fire is recommended if you can make it without being detected.

You need food that won’t go bad.  Also your shelter needs to be somewhere close to a food source or where there is plenty of animals and plants that are edible. Water is another necessity. Water can mean a variety of things like  unopened bottled water, or a clean running water source such as a well or a river or stream. The next necessity is shelter. Your shelter should be close to a clean water source, a good food source, and in an area up high (if possible so that you can see what goes on without being seen and also it needs to be big enough so that you can store all your supplies in it as well as yourself and anyone with you). The last thing you need is a way to escape if you had to. It is sometimes necessary to be able escape because if unforeseeable events. The best escape route is one that allows you to be the most hidden.

Depending on where you are and what the weather and temperature are like, fire might be an absolute necessity. Fire provides heat, light, and comfort. Fire is a dead giveaway if you are trying to hide, so make it as little as possible and  as smokeless as possible.

So to sum it all up “SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST” means being the most prepared through preparation and planning. And even thought the saying has been around awhile and the practice has been around even longer, the term can be applied to modern day things such as preparing for the future.


CBO Says Social Security Is Broke, No Kidding

      So the Congressional Budget Office said on Wednesday that our Social Security program is going to start running deficits here real quick, like NOW. How does this sound, we are going to be paying out 45 BILLION more this year then we are collecting and we are expected to run completely dry 2037. I smell a problem brewing.

     Social Security is a failure and to me a flawed concept in the first place that is too susceptible to the changes of age demographics, inflation and thieves that raid it in Government. When initially envisioned and implemented you could expect at most to collect a year or two if you made it to retirement age at all, those times have changed to the point to where you will collect  for over 10 to 20 years. This is a level that can not be maintained  as has been seen from almost the start of the program but largely ignored.

     Good intentions may have been the goal of this program but people are now starting to realize that it may be impossible to maintain it in it's existing form if at all, I for one consider it no more than an elaborate PONZI  scheme that due to my age I guarantee I will loose out on but that's not the point. I feel I am responsible for my retirement plan and I want the opportunity to finance in ways that I feel will keep up with inflation and not be at the whims of someones decision.

     Why is the Issue of Social Security important, Simple it's your money that you are giving away every day you work that you may or may not get back, I have no doubt in my mind I will never see a dime. I in a heartbeat would sign a piece of paper from the Government saying I will never apply for SS and in return not have to pay into the system but the chances of that happening are next to nil as they need my money now to pay for a hundred things not related to SS.

     So what are the alternatives to SS, well none that I know of at the moment unless you want to totally drop off the grid but that is something most people can't or won't do. What I will suggest though especially if you are young it to plan like it does not even exist, I would just put it out of your mind and make your own plan to fund your golden years and if I am wrong then you get a bonus.


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U.S. farmers are being called upon to put more acerage into production

     Farmers are being asked to plant Millions of acres here in the US to prop up dwindling supplies of corn and soybeans worldwide.  The U.S. Department of Agriculture is expecting 15-year lows for corn and 40-year lows for soybean, current pricing for these commodities are $6.40 a bushel and $14 a bushel respectively.

    Bad weather in the form of both drought and floods have had a severe effect on some of the worlds food production, add in an ever rising population and you have a recipe for disaster, riots and instability. Here in the US we have seen food prices rise dramatically and package size shrink so we are not immune to this problem, I foresee a rise of  backyard gardens this year by some families to start to offset rising food prices.

Below are some additional articles that I have come across in this area.



Texas legislator moves to stop Shariah

Texas legislator moves to stop Shariah

Targets constitutional abuses from Islam, immigration, presidential impostors

A Texas legislator has proposed a state constitutional amendment that would effectively bar courts in the Lone Star State from considering Islamic, or Shariah, law in deciding cases.
Rep. Leo Berman, R-Tyler, earlier this month submitted House Joint Resolution No. 57, which would amend the Texas Constitution to read, "A court of this state shall uphold the laws of the Constitution of the United States, this Constitution, federal laws and laws of this state. A court of this state may not enforce, consider or apply any religious or cultural law."
Good, Great, Outstanding, I do NOT in any way shape or form want any type of shariah law here in my country, I find it completely incompatible with an American lifestyle. If this style of law is what is desired in Islamic countries then that is what they get, I may not agree with it but it's their country not mine,  you leave me alone and I will do the same.

A Review Of MD Creekmore’s Survivalist Blog

     Early sometime last year, I came across Mr. Creekmore's Survival Blog - one big difference between this site and so many others is that  Mr Creekmore actually lives and practices what he writes about.  When you live what you write about you give that advice more authenticity and it is more apt to be used or adapted, that is how the work is presented on his site. 

     Some of the many good things about this site is that any level of prepper can learn something, He has information that can get a beginner going like 10 Things To Do Now!   This is something that can help break the ice for someone who is just getting into preparedness because it can be very overwhelming considering the vast wealth of information and opinions out there.

     One good reason to go with an established site such as The Survivalist Blog   is that after you get comfortable and you find a direction that you want to start preparing in you can take advantage of the wealth of articles that are stored in the archives, real experiences matter and you do not have to go it alone when you can read about what has already been tried and documented, I would strongly urge people to acquire as much knowledge as possible, gear is great but skills and knowledge will get you through the long term. Mr Creekmore has an assembly of what should be in everyone's survival files Top 14 Survival Downloads You Should Have.

     One issue if anything I have has to do with the categories section  and it is more of a personal issue then a dislike, I generally like to have subjects broken out a little more in the categories section. A good alternative to this is a site specific search bar which is available just below his categories section.

      Overall this site is one of the better ones that anyone can learn from as the subject matter is very relevant and written in a way that is easy to understand and employ. Staying in touch is also very easy as RSS feeds are available as well as E-Mail updates.


Thoughts On The State Of The Union, Anybody?

Well folks we have the State of the Union coming up here in a little while, does anyone have any thoughts on what might be in it and what will not? That said and done do you think anything will really matter?

I am thinking not and that tomorrow will be just another day, I just do not see any earth shattering revelations coming out of it, maybe a little early campaigning but that's about it, oh and maybe something and the economy and jobs but who knows.


.22 must have (repost and upgrade from my files)

Colt AR-15 A3 Tactical Carbine. Used by counte...Image via Wikipedia
     I can think of no bigger debate in the world of than the question " what rifle should I have, an AR-15 or an AK-47" Much has been written about both systems. These two weapons have been going head to head for 50 years and in that time you would think there would be a clear winner, well think again. Both of these rifles fill a niche but in the end it comes down to preference, skill,  practice or what your comfortable with.
AK-47 automatic rifles were widely used by the...Image via Wikipedia

   For all intensive purposes here in this blog the objective is not to go head to head and battle the universe but for you to stay below the radar and stay safe (That is subject to change in the future). While either of the above mentioned rifles will help you in staying safe they do require time in training and an ever increasing cost to operate I.E. ammunition, again they fill a niche, good for something but bad for others. In an ideal world we would have a special selector switch to go between small caliber short range to say an intermediate caliber to oh my god reach out and touch someone at a mile and a half. Well we don't have that capability right now so we stick with what we have, a rifle for this and a rifle for that but slogging around with two or more rifles is a little more than impractical.

     Until science fiction catches up with reality or we grow more trigger fingers we will have to settle on using  one rifle at a time and again nothing is perfect. Now another age old question you hear a lot is,

"If you could only have one rifle, what would you take and why?"

     Please take into account that opinions are like, well you know the rest of that famous saying but this question for me is rather easy and clear cut. I would take a Ruger 10-22 stainless steel rifle™  in .22 caliber. 

     Why in the world you ask would I want a little .22 rifle, it can't do this and it can't do that, no better than a BB gun. Well yes there is a lot this rifle can't do, I wouldn't hunt a bull moose with it that's for sure, But it does bring a whole lot of other advantages to the table, hunting and portability are a few. Keep in mind again this rifle is not what you bring to take over the world, it is your survival gun not your assault gun and I believe you will be doing far more survival then gun-fighting. Now for the reasons why I picked this rifle, first and foremost is cost and at about $400 with a few bells and whistles you have a rifle that will certainly take care of your small game hunting requirements.

      My second reason would be Ammunition, .22 ammo is dirt cheap as compared to every other caliber out there, it can be found in a hundred configurations from sub-sonic to hyper velocity and everything in between. While this caliber may not be a heavy hitter by any means it is not meant to be, it is primarily a plinking round or a hunting round for small game or birds and this will fit right in to a survival theme, it will keep you feed and provide a basic level of protection. Now will it take a deer? it does every season but it is the exception to the rule and illegal in most states. Will it put a 2 legged animal down? again it does every year but it wouldn't be my first choice. Remember in a survival situation you want to stay under the radar and out of trouble and maintain a minimal footprint, noise is something in this case you will be able to keep low.

      In addition to being inexpensive it is also very light per round and that means that if need be you can carry huge amounts of ammunition, I am talking about thousands of rounds at a time, @ about 4lbs per 500 rounds you can carry a lot of ammo, what you lack in knock down you can sure make up for in capacity.You can break it down in one of two ways, larger caliber with less ammo or smaller caliber with more ammo.

     Accessories for a 10-22™ are as about as plentiful as one could imagine, from mild to wild. One big thing to take advantage of is magazine capacity if you can in your location. The factory magazine that comes with the rifle is a standard 10 round rotary magazine, they are pretty bomb proof and will last for a very long time.

This magazine will take 10 rounds and fire all day long with no problems but 10 rounds is only 10 rounds and thankfully the aftermarket world has been building extra capacity magazines for years
 and the sky is the limit. This is one of the big advantages of this type of rifle, while the .22 round may be small and underpowered for some things  it is offset by ability to send huge numbers of rounds downrange in the blink of an eye.

     Magazine's are being made that have a capacity of 20,30 and even 50 rounds, I think I even saw one somewhere with 100 round capacity. I would stick with the 30 rounders though as they seem to fairly trouble free and inexpensive. 

     In closing there are many reasons for and against a .22 cal rifle, it won't do everything but what rifle will? But as the question stated  "What rifle would you take if you could only have one" this would be mine. Take a 5 or 6 pound rifle and say 1500 rounds at 12 pounds and you can fill a basic rifle role and not break the bank. Keep in mind that if you are faced with some type of situation where you need to bug out on foot  weight will be a huge issue and it adds up fast, especially ammo.  Either way some form of .22 cal rifle should reside in your arms battery as there will always be a demand for one. YMMV


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By Frosty Wooldridge

For a fact, I know the U.S. Congress and the past five presidents did not and our current president does not understand the final ramifications of unrelenting immigration. They stand blind, deaf, dumb and stupid to the accelerating drama within our civilization. More here.
Immigration numbers very much like economic numbers are hard to argue against sometimes, they usually lead to an un-deniable end result that have real consequences. Give the article a read.

GOP eyes UN funding for cuts

GOP eyes UN funding for cuts

 by Ed Morrissey

Of all the targets for fund-cutting, the idea from Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL) might be the most popular — and the most appropriate.  Ros-Lehtinen wants to save money by cutting all funds supporting the United Nations’ worst practical joke, its Human Rights Council.  The Congresswoman rightly calls it a “rogues’ gallery”: More here.

 Finally something about the UN I can really get behind, I am all for anything that takes money away from these thieving, murdering, rapist, racist bastards. Yeah that's how I really feel, but I don't want to stop at just the Human Rights Council, Oh no I would love to see the whole thing go, they have been a failure and never ending money pit that us stupid Americans have funded with Billions of dollars and thousands or lives, it is time to get the US out of the UN and the UN out of the US, I couldn't resist.

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Weighing the public's right to speak

Weighing the public's right to speak

By Steve Bousquet, Times Columnist

Believe it or not, taxpayers have no legal right to speak at public meetings in Florida.  More here.
Oh so were back in the old days where kids are to be seen but not heard huh.  Let me get this right, Public funds being used for public projects minus any input from the PUBLIC!! This kinda sounds like a thug dictatorship to me, you know shut up, sit there and we will tell you whats best for you, kinda reminds me of some of our other government agencies and their regulatory end-run's.  It does appear though that this will be coming under review and maybe overturned and I sure hope so because when you take peoples voice you leave them only a few options, Submission,  political action or rebellion, Take your pick each one has already happened. This thing in Florida is but one little test case and I am sure it is being watched higher up to feel the people out and see how far it could be pushed, I have no doubts that there are a whole lot of other councils and ruling bodies that would love to go about their business without the pesky, annoying, taxpaying public involved to speak up.


12 Economic Collapse Scenarios

The Economic Collapse has a good article out today well worth reading dealing with some collapse scenarios.

Check them out:

12 Economic Collapse Scenarios That We Could Potentially See In 2011




By Chuck Baldwin
January 20, 2011

The shootings of at least 18 people (6 killed, at least 12 wounded) in Tucson, Arizona, has predictably ignited a firestorm of anti-gun, anti-right, and anti-anything not “liberal” diatribes from the typical big government talking heads in Washington, D.C., and New York City. Anti-freedom congressmen railed for more gun control, including resurrecting Bill Clinton’s so-called Assault Weapons ban, and other laws restricting “high capacity” magazines (the assailant reportedly used a Glock 9mm in the attack).
 Chuck hits it pretty much the way it is without all the BS the MSM is interjecting, that's why I like his writings. We will in the future learn more about this tragedy along with all of the opinions of every Tom, Dick and Harry but that's the world we live in, I am only worried about the ignorant, do good, feel good legislators that want to try to push legislation that "feels good" but does not a darn thing to prevent anything. Life has risk and there are no certainties ever, it is not something that you can make a law for and everything will be 100% fixed, prevented or averted, we live in a world of chance, that's life.



Bill Gates wants to register all new babies on the planet for vaccines

Bill Gates wants to register all new babies on the planet for vaccines

David Gutierrez, staff writer

(NaturalNews) Bill Gates is promoting a plan to use wireless technology to register every newborn on the planet in a vaccine database.
 Such ideas could conceivably involve using the GPS devices inside phones to physically track parents who do not bring their children in for vaccines.
There are without doubt moments where Bill Gates means to do good things for people but I really wish he would stick stick to software and get away from the government command and control racket, This program may be paved with good intentions but after reading the article I just do not trust TPTB to not abuse the data collected like they do in so many other things. Parents here in the US overwhelmingly make sure that their kids are taken care medically with respect to vaccines, they do so by choice because they know that in most cases it is in their best interest. As an adult you are responsible for what goes into your body and it is your choice as it should be, now as a parent you are responsible for what goes into your child not the government. I don't want the village to raise my children,  I will raise my children as I see fit.


Vendor sales

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Obama Wants to Shed Rules That Hurt Job Growth

Obama Wants to Shed Rules That Hurt Job Growth

 By: Reuters

President Barack Obama Tuesday ordered a government-wide review of regulations with the goal of eliminating those that hurt job creation and make the U.S. economy less competitive. Read more.
I would hope that this is true and really happens but I have my doubts, Call me crazy but the Government does not reverse its self on stupidity bad regulations very often. I would go out on a limb here and say that we could drop half  of the regulations that stifle business right now and we would still be safer, cleaner and more responsible the most other countries out there. What really bothers me right now is that something like this should have been done 2 years ago instead of all the other legislation that has clogged up congress, Jobs should be the only thing on the mind of the legislature, I would prefer that they work on freeing things up versus adding another obstacle that will only drive out jobs to other countries. 


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States Warned of $2 Trillion Pensions Shortfall

States Warned of $2 Trillion Pensions Shortfall

By: Nicole Bullock, Financial Times

US public pensions face a shortfall of $2,500 billion that will force state and local governments to sell assets and make deep cuts to services, according to the former chairman of New Jersey’s pension fund. Read more.
You know when you see numbers like the ones in the article it makes a million sound like a small number, Damn that's bad when yo can say that a million sounds small  but in the big scheme I guess it is.  When you see these article that keep coming out about how pensions are unfunded or need bailouts or are in serious trouble I have to wonder how they were set up in the first place. I would imagine that the people who set these things up are well above room temperature and that these plans are well thought out, are they? That said why would you set something up that is doomed to fail and when it fails you try to Joe public to bail them out, WRONG, WRONG and how can I say WRONG. Like too big to fail  or theft, when I see a pension that fails and I am not a party to it why the hell should I be on the hook for it, I didn't make the problem, neither do I want to be a part of the  problem. People are going to be hurt by poorly set up and run pensions and that sucks, stupid should hurt and then you should learn from it and not make the same mistakes. To do otherwise or to steal from me to cover your mistakes is just that, stealing.


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Energy, Food and the Chinese Economy article

A reader Rick In CO  here flagged an article over at naked capitalism worth reading with some insight on our energy, food and how it has and might affect China.

La Niña as Black Swan – Energy, Food Prices, and Chinese Economy Among Likely Casualites

Rick is also a blogger with his own site so check him out when you get a chance Family Prep


Delay of game

     Folks, sorry for the lack of posting for the last 3 days, I was VOLUNTEERED to help move a family member this weekend and what was supposed to take 1 day, well I am sure you know how it goes. Lack of an Internet connection has driven me nucking futs so to speak but I am back and I will get caught up and back on the job. Thanks everyone for stopping by.


Food shortages article

Global food chain stretched to the limit

Soaring prices spark fears of social unrest in developing world

By John W. Schoen Senior producer

 Strained by rising demand and battered by bad weather, the global food supply chain is stretched to the limit, sending prices soaring and sparking concerns about a repeat of food riots last seen three years ago. Read more.
Not to sound like a broken record here folks but what happens around the world affects you here at home as well,  so when you see enough articles stating that we might have a problem with food production it might be worth looking into. As many of you know and for those of you who don't know what you see on the store shelves is all that there is in the store, they do not have a back room storehouse anymore (JIT) Just in Time inventory is supposed to raise profit margin and it works in normal times but when that bad snowstorm or tornado decides to come knocking those shelves go bare pretty quick. Take into account now also that stores are keeping on hand even less right now, look at how deep a product is in the shelf, I have some reports that some product may only be one row deep. 

With stores cutting back on their inventory it creates a potential for a lot of people to be upset when said natural disaster comes knocking, Don't think that this can't happen here because it does, store shelves are depleted during every single weather event that is perceived to not be the norm. One other example to consider also is that  with food prices already high most people are cutting back on what they have in the home, that is one of the worst things you can possibly do as it makes you more reliant on what the market may or may not have. If there was ever a time to stock up on food now is it and by doing so you can actually save yourself some money, how you ask, that's simple. By buying a little extra right now you buy at a lower cost and if you buy foods that have any kind of a storage life they will not go bad. Think of it this way you know that food prices keep going up so if you can buy a product not that will store for a while then you win because you will not pay that higher price later on and it also gives you the luxury of waiting for possible sales to come along and buy during that time and not when they are at full price. Think smart shopping. 


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Obama Orders Military To Prepare For Spring Food Riots

Obama Orders Military To Prepare For Spring Food Riots
Posted by EU Times
 A grim report prepared by France’s General Directorate for External Security (DGSE) obtained by Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) states that president’s Obama and Sarkozy have “agreed in principal” to create a joint US-European military force to deal exclusively with a Global uprising expected this spring as our World runs out of food. Continue here.
Folks I am not familiar with this news organization so if someone knows differently please let me know but there are plenty of back links in the story that lead to their supporting information, and the standard truth stretching that all  news companies do. That said lets go with the theory that the story checks out and in my searching I do know that we have had a lot of crop failures due to weather, floods, pollination issues and other issues and that bears out in the pricing or shortages that we are experiencing. 

Now what I want to know is what does a government do when the masses are starving and do not kid yourself because it happens every day on this planet, do your due diligence and search the web and you can find it. I have see that it is handled in several ways, usually other countries chip in and donate aid or money to make the problem go away, other countries deal with it by forcing people out of the country and making them other countries problem. The worst example ends up being population control or outright slaughter, every example has happened, is happening or will happen again people. 

What I want everyone to take away from this is the need to be prepared and never ever depend of anyone or any organization that you do not have 100% confidence in. History has shown us time and time again that neither has a good track record and that is why you need to depend on yourself first and foremost because in the end no one and I mean no one will ever take a better interest in your safety than you!!

I would look for the food market to tighten up even more in the coming year, there is no one earthshaking article that I can point to and say were all going to starve but if you look around you can find enough smaller articles that do spell out that there are some problems on the horizon.

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