Someone asked me "where is all the ammo"

With the laws of supply and demand yes Ammo will be a little scarce.

About the Jobs

Yes we have lost manufacturing jobs and no they will not come back by us competing worldwide for them, we can not compete cost/ labor wise,  Americans will not lower there standard of living to that degree.

Let there be light

     Flashlights, They sure have come a long way from your dads old standby.

One second after, A book review

     Well I just finished the book a few hours ago and I walk away from it having read a good story, But that's it.

     While it does give a little insight to one of many possible worst case scenarios that we face today I would not count on this book to be of any kind of a guide in preparing for it. There is a plethora of good information here on the web that go into very deep detail about this subject, While there were a few good instances that would parallel an actual event I would still relegate this book to the fiction/ entertainment section of your bookshelf.
     Now some good points to the book deal with numbers that relate to what would happen in the minutes, days and weeks after a major incident, I would agree that we would have a mass die off due to things that we take for granted in the simplest of forms. Water vs. power, I am not sure what would set off the general public first but you can bet it would not take long at all before the animal in us came out and we stepped back a few steps in the evolutionary ladder. In the book the cast is set in a suburban are and that could be a blessing and a curse, a blessing because you avoid people and city problems. The curse though being that when and if things ever get back on track the outlying areas will be further down the list.  As for me I will take rural living any day of the week, I would rather have faith in myself vs. the Government.

     One thing we should take from this with regards to an EMP situation is that it could happen, while I would not put it at #1 on the list I would put it in the top 10. I will follow up with some recommendations that could be used if and during an EMP incident......Scott

Lights on, Lights off part 2

Link to part 1

So you eat a nice steak and grilled potato for dinner after all and actually have a really good nite sleep, with all the quite in the neighborhood and lack of night time activity. Heck without power you even sleep late because your alarm clock doesn't go off, wondering what time it is you look at your cell but it shut off sometime while you were asleep because the power is still off and you can't charge it, wonderful. Well time to get up then and see what other little surprises your wonderful wife has but a trip to the bathroom tells of another problem, No water.


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