Common sense

Common Sense, it is a pretty straight forward set of two words right? Not anymore.

Some one has said that it is not too common anymore and I would tend to agree with them wholeheartedly. Now the rest of the world can be as stupid as it wants but when it starts to affect you then you have to make a decision to either accept it and go with the flow or you have to change and set your own path. Well If you are not one of the many sheeple and you see that there are problems in the world and you don't like how it impacts how you live then a change is needed and they can be as small or as large as you want as long as it works for you and gets done what you want to get done but either way if you want a different result then you have to introduce some sort of stimuli to get your change. IE. make decisions that benefit and help you, use your resources wisely, do you really need that new 60 something inch plasma TV , no not really, there is nothing but garbage on it anyway.

News you say. No don't go there either you will get way better news on the net anyway and usually days faster too unless it is breaking this minute and even then it will be on the net soon enough. So what better to do with your money? Good question and a whole lot of answers. We as Americans buy just about every piece of junk out there whether we need it or not and most of it really is junk that in no way contributes to our well being. Take 10 minutes and walk through your house and take stock of the thing you really use every day and then look at what is collecting dust in the closet or the garage that you used once and then never touched again. I'll bet there is more junk than useful things huh? Lets look at getting rid of all those things and making money off it in the process. Bottom line is if you don't use it then loose it and buy the things that you really use and are useful to you. This also goes for services that we use too much of also. Make yourself a simple spread sheet and see where all that money is going and see where you can cut back and do it yourself. Oscar.

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