US gets F on effort for potential bioterrorism attatck

The Commission on the Prevention of Weapons of Mass Destruction Proliferation and Terrorism gives the government an "F" for a lack of effort to improve the nation's capability to respond to biological attacks quickly enough to prevent mass casualties.

http://www.cidrap. content/bt/ bioprep/news/ jan2610bioweapon .html

     I would agree with the F 100%. Biological weapons should rate very high on the terrorism spectrum for us and the country, they are easy to manufacture and easy to transport and everything needed to make them are already in the county, all it takes is the knowledge to make them.


 There comes a time in our daily goings on that a tool is required to accomplish a certain task, We won't get into the need for a huge roll away $25,000 set up here but a more respectable 5 to 10 piece set that is highly mobile and multipurpose.

Car travel

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Many people get stuck in situations that they never expect to be in. Take running out of gas in the middle of nowhere for example.

Get Fit

Fitness 2010

So now that those holidays are over and we have all gained that couple of extra pounds ( admit it you know you have ) it is time to get rid of them. Well I am sure that being the Americans that we are we all have a few to loose anyway and I will count my self in that group with out reservation.



     Well 2009 is behind us, no not really. While the calendar year might, we still have all the problems of the past upon us. Left and right I see predictions of things getting worse and from what I see and read I could not disagree  but and if anything I would predict that things might well get worse  versus better . Yes I know I can be too much of a pessimist  but I just call it being reality as I do not think that we have totally hit rock bottom yet and the only things that the stimulus have done is to postpone the reality.


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