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Many people get stuck in situations that they never expect to be in. Take running out of gas in the middle of nowhere for example.

Most people would just sit there and hope some good Samaritan comes by and offers to help. A lot of people today don't stop to help strangers when the are stuck on the side of the road mainly because of potential predator pretending to be stuck or they just don't care. Here's the cold hard truth: No one really cares about anyone they don't know. Very few people are willing to be a good Samaritan anymore. However if you are lucky and someone does stop, be cautious and alert. They may or may not be of help and you should use your best judgment if you are to go with them to a service station, it might be better to ask them to phone the local police department or towing service for you. 

 So here's some things you can do to prevent getting stuck somewhere.
You can be prepared by :
    making sure you have enough gas to get to a gas station in your car before you start
    know how far you car will go with the amount of gas you have in the tank
    have an extra gas can with as much gas as it can hold
    have an extra blanket and
    finally have your BOB with you.

Your BOB should include the following:

    bottled water
    spare cell phone
    foods like snack bars, canned food such as spaghetti o's, cheerios or other dry cereals, formula, or baby food if you have a baby with you,
    extra clothes,
    Can opener
    plastic spoons, forks, and knives,
    spare flashlights that wind up and don't use batteries
    a first aid kit
    small toys or coloring books with crayons if there are children
    a book or two because you might be there for awhile
    extra money that is hidden somewhere
    spare medications if you need them (make sure you change these every so often so that they don't go bad)
    spare glasses
    a tarp or a raincoat (you never know when it might rain)
    reflectors so that people know there is a vehicle pulled over
    and finally spare I.D. or other means of identification.

This is only a very basic list and should be tailored to your environment, conditions and personal preference.

Hopefully you will never run out of gas in the middle of nowhere, but if you do at least you will know what to do. Make sure your car is pulled off to the side of the road so that there is no way it can accidentally get hit , put your reflectors out so people know you are there and finally stay in your car if it is safe to do so or if weather requires it.

Now this is by no means the hard and fast golden rule of the road but just a dose of common sense with a little dash of being prepared. Submitted by #1 Daughter Rat

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