Sunday Misc Thoughts, Debt Ceiling, Jobs and Adult supervision?

     For those of you who are familiar ICS-100 or other parts of the incident command system you know about "span of Control" now apply this to our Washington D.C. situation and we are clearly exceeding it on many fronts.
     A civilization needs it's rules and laws or else you have anarchy and a pretty poor standard of living, The District of Criminals or D.C. is making decisions for us that for a while now do not seem to be in our best interest, an echo from our past as I seem to recall we fought a war to break free from another ruler a couple of hundred years ago. Are we ready for another change? I think so. I have the feeling that being elected and moving to D.C. has an immediate negative affect on the I.Q. of said elected person, they seem to loose touch quite quickly with those who sent them there and thus fail to represent, Shocker huh. You have all heard that "all politics is local" well it should be but it is not, more and more it seems to be dictated by a few in D.C. that have lost all sense of reality in what it means to be a common working stiff, Oh they think they know whats best for us but do they really?
     As is painfully obvious right now these ( Insert Colorful Adjective Here ) have no concept of basic math and therefore have no clue in how to balance a budget hence our growing debt problem, you have to do it, I have to do it, most states have to do it, so why not our government? A common theme running around is that the rich need to pay more or corporations need to pay more, tax this or tax that well good luck with that because the rich already pay the bulk of taxes, corporations pay as well, GE didn't pay anything you say, yes they do but by other means, sales, property, payroll and other forms of taxes, keep in mind though that they employ people, but if you tax them more you will earn less and there product cost will go up and you will have one big vicious cycle.
     I have some novel concepts, how about for one we spend less, SHOCKING. how about we stop giving BILLIONS away to other countries, WW2 is over we won, how about we close all of the bases in Europe and Japan and let them be adults and spend their own money of their defense instead of us subsidizing them. Iraq, Afghanistan? we will in now way change thousands of years of culture or religion so why try, if we were to leave today or in ten years the end result will be the same they will both plunge into civil war the minute we leave, the only reason we are still there is that the Big O doesn't want it to happen on his watch.

     Entitlements, the nastiest third rail of all, Government promises that they can't keep and should have never made, Social Security I.E. Ponzi scheme on steroids who's time should end, too many people collecting when they have never paid in, not adjusted for inflation or a falling dollar, not adjusted or never meant to support you for twenty or thirty years after you retire. Sorry government was not created to take care of you, your supposed to have a brain for that but we have become lazy and greedy to the extreme as well as dependent on someone else taking care of us and we are now more happy than ever to vote in the people who will give us more of this.

     Granted there are still quite a few people out there with their heads screwed on tight but some still fail to recognize the fact that voting for the other party will change anything, I have long ago come to the conclusion that both the R's and the D's are but two shades of the same color yellow, as in chicken yellow and gutless to boot when it comes to dealing with the problems. We have example after example of how countries fail but we seem to at every chance decide to follow their lead down the wrong path, We are the United States we do not know failure, well we are not so United anymore and we will know failure, to what extent is unknown.

     Jobs, whats there to say, the numbers are IMHO still under reported , the funk seems to be with us still. There is demand out there for products and service, unfortunately too many people are buying those products that are made in other countries , hell I will be lazy on this one so as to not duplicate a previous post just go here and you can see my thoughts on the situation.

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