Sick, Tired, Japan and Misc Thoughts

     First let me apologize for the lack of posting, between the cabin project, traveling and a bug I picked up from my family I haven't been able to do more than an occasional comment and then crash right back out, Being sick sucks.

     One thing I have been trying to keep up on is the ongoing catastrophe in Japan, depending on what news source you follow you can find where everything is rosy and under control to fuel rods are uncovered to cracked containment buildings, very bad news on the latter problems but either way these are big problems. My biggest concern is that I would hope the government of Japan will be honest with their information and tell us exactly what if anything is released. I know many people believe that nuclear power is safe but man is a flawed machine and therefore he will make a flawed product, I do not care what anyone says, if it is mechanical it can fail and a nuke plant is no exception, the odds may be great but that does not mean it can't happen. What does this mean here in the US, well that is the big unanswered question that will be pondered in the next few days. Going back to sleep, everyone have a good evening and keep your ear to the ground.


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BadVooDooDaddy said...

We hope you get better soon. I agree with you on the fact that man is flawed and builds things that are flawed. I just hope that we get some warning if things go really badly.

chinasyndrome said...

Scott,get better soon Bro! Nuclear is too dangerous to use.Of course they were lying,I think all Govts and most Corps LIE!


Roy Durham said...

eat a owl of chicken soup. get feeling better we need you. if you get some time this might help you feel better congratulation you are a winner god bless

Scott R said...


Much appreciated, being sick sux. Yeah I hope we get some warning as well, pretty sure we will as us average schmoes can read radiation and post it on the net. Thanks for stopping By


Thanks bud it seems the older ya get the longer it takes to get better but I am working on it. Japan power company it seems got caught several times over several years falsifying nuclear records so everything they say must be suspect, I'll go with DR. House on this one "Everyone Lies"

Thanks for making it by China

Roy, Thanks for the kind words on your site and yes I am piling on the chicken soup but looking for the owl. FYI it is already getting warm here in your former stomping grounds.
Thanks for stopping by Roy

Anonymous said...

I hope you feel better soon, Scott. This situation with Japan is very concerning and I'm afraid that we won't know how much the entire situation will affect the world until the ish hits the fan.


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