Cabin Update Lighting FAIL

     As many of you know we have a long term cabin project that we are working on here that will be using energy efficient products as well as a slightly unusual design. Well today I want to give a review on a product that we have been using for our temp lighting:

Westinghouse: Soft White, mini-twist 23 watt
     We  started to expand our lighting to two floors and we picked up a couple of packages of the CFL's to use as temp lighting and at this point I can say they have been an absolute failure 50% of the 8 bulbs we have installed have failed within 8 hours again 50% in 8 hrs, so much for a 10,000 hr lifespan.

     So my recommendation is, DO NOT buy this brand or wattage, I am not sure if this is a bad production run or something else but but out of two packages to have this kind of failure rate is telling me something is wrong. 

For those new members who have not visited the cabin update page yet I have added the link below.
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Rick said...

Interesting. I have bought probably dozens of CFL's for my house and have had only 1 failure after 3 years... I do not know however which brands I have bought...

Scott R said...

Rick, I have bought dozens for other locations as well but with either this brand or production run something went wrong, if you smell the lights after I took them down you get the very distinct smell of burnt electronics so something let go.

Rick, appreciate you stopping by.


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