Cabin Update: More T&G Progress

      I have a few pics for tonight on the great T&G adventure, as you can see we finished one wall minus final corner trim but thats the little stuff.

 The ugly in the middle is the rough frame out for the window and we are just butting all the T&G up to the window outline for now and we will complete that part when the window goes in and then trim, I did scratch my head for a minute and thought " What the heck an I gonna do here "
Two additional pics at different angles, now for the tough part someone needs to pick out a floor..

As always if there are any thoughts or comments please do not hesitate.

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BadVooDooDaddy said...

That is looking great. What are you going to use to seal the wood? I think that the T&G is a great way to go with the walls and ceiling. Low maintenance and it looks great. I keep checking everyday to see the progress. Keep us posted.

Scott R said...

Morning BadVooDOODaddy, for sealing the wood that is a mystery at the moment but one possibility that we came up with is some type of urethane stain and doing a two tone to break out more of the contrast. The bottom vertical pieces will most likely be darker and the rest a very light stain to keep the room bright. Nothing is set in stone as of yet. Thanks for stopping by this morning.

Anonymous said...

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