Cabin Update: T&G Installation

 Evening everyone I have a short post for today but a really  good one, as promised we have some T&G up for today so you can get some idea what the ceilings will look like throughout the cabin. Shown here are the first seven rows.
We started the day off with some insulation and then transitioned into the T&G and this is where we ended up for the day at 12 rows or just about half of the room. We also plan on using some T&G for the walls as well but I wanted to get the ceiling done first and then play with the pattern for the walls. We will be adding more material all this week so you should get to see the progress pretty well and as always if there are any questions or comments please feel free to and I will get back to you.
Also for more post's on this build you can go to the update page here


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BadVooDooDaddy said...

Looks great. I am sure you will be glad to get that part of the project over with soon.

chinasyndrome said...

All right Bro! That is gonna look great!


Scott R said...

BadVooDooDaddy, yes in a way it will be nice to get done because that will mean progress but it might take a while as we have over 4000sq feet of it planned an different floors. Thanks for stopping by Bad.

Hi China, yeah it is getting there now if I could just talk that magical elf into putting up some in the middle of the night it would be great, oh Appreciate the comment China.


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