Cabin Update: Roof Begins

 Finally we had a break in the wind and we were able to start the roof metal. These sheets are 3 feet wide by seventeen feet long and have an anti heat coating. I can tell ya I have my doubts about the coating because it sure was warm to me. Anyway we were glad to be able to start this, it goes up pretty easy we used one haul line and one tag line in case a gust of wind came up but it worked out alright.
We were able to get up 4 sheets today before the wind picked up too much and made a mess, we are going to try and get lucky tomorrow and see where we can get, we have pre-drilled all of the holes so that we do not have to do it on the roof. There are about 44 screws that hold down each panel but is is not going anywhere.

As always if there are any comments or questions please do not hesitate to ask. You can also find additional post's of this cabin the the here.


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BadVooDooDaddy said...

It's looking very nice. That metal roofing is some good stuff. You get real good slide on the snow so it comes off the roof very easy and you don't get the build up most other types of roofing do.

chinasyndrome said...

Woo Hoo roof metal going on! Good luck with the wind Bro! Cabin is looking great.


Joel said...

The coating on that stuff really does work. I paid for college doing roofing work and I used to get scorched putting up copper and un-coated metals. Used to melt the soles of my shoes.

Scott R said...


That was the main reason for this type of roof was the snow along with the ease of installation, being fireproof is a nice quality as well.

Thanks for stopping by Bad


Thanks China it is nice to finally be doing the roof, we were getting real close to the 6 month time frame guarantee on the underlay. I will be happy when it is done.

Nice to have ya back bro.

Joel, thanks for stopping by the site and commenting it is much appreciated. I really hope the coating works as well but I am a little skeptical about the 25 year warranty on it, the coating just seams to scratch too easy and at this elevation the sun really plays hell but if you say it works then I will have to up my thoughts on it. Doing copper must have been nice, I love copper but that would have been a little pricy on this project. Again thank for stopping by.

SamFromOz said...

I've got this roof sheeting on my home. The build finished three years ago. I had doubts about the heat & insulating properties too. Three scorching Aussie summers later, I'm a believer.

I installed a solar power array onto the roof & got free power into the deal :) Looks like you'd get plenty of sunshine on that cabin roof!


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