Your Top 5 Survival Skills

     Skills, we all know how important they can be. Gadgets and gear can make a bad situation easier but I would rather have an inventors that relies heavily on skill sets to get by in the long run.

     So because we all think just a little different I would like to know what you all have in mind for your top skills to have in a SHTF type situation. Who knows some of us might have something in there someone else might find important. So go ahead and post in the comments section and Lets see what we are all thinking.

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Anonymous said...

Scott, you would think by my popping in here from time to time I would be able to form a decent answer, but still just thinking about a SHTF situation makes me nervous. I'd probably be the first to go. So I think someone would need emotional skills. Five emotional skills: Calmness, perseverance, faith, patience, and not being afraid to die.

BadVooDooDaddy said...

Hunting skills are going to be a very important skill to have mastered by the time the SHTF. This will not only aide in getting food on the table but also help with your marksmanship in case you need to defend yourself or your family.

chinasyndrome said...

Hey Scott!

1.Fire making under any and all conditions.
2.Shelter making under any and all conditions.
3.Food,fishing,trapping,wild edible plants.
4.Water purification skills.
5.Skill to stay calm and rational.

Depends on how the SHTF of course.Many more are very useful but my 5 I think would be a good start.Shelter,food,water,are mainstays in any life.Good exercise Bro!


Mr.B said...

Build and repair things without power. Use old fashioned types of manufacturing....Blacksmithing, forging hammer welding, riveting etc.

Weapons manufacturing. Bows/arrows, black powder manufacturing etc.

The ability to make shelter and fire and preserve food using non-modern methods.

Scott R said...

Sweepyjean, BadVooDooDaddy,Chinasyndrome and Mr.B Thank you all for your input and you touch on a great many skills that will be needed.

One big one that I would add to the list would be some type of emergency medical training.


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