Colony season 2 episode 6

     Well to start off this episode the group is in the hole food wise due to last weeks kidnapping / ransom ordeal, so 2 of the group head off to the canal to check their traps. Surprise, the water is contaminated beyond what they can clean up and make safe..... Good lesson here in my opinion.

     In almost any situation you want to have a backup plan or a backup source. Depending on one source in this case water, your most important element to life will get you into trouble, for something as important as this you should have at least 2 ways to either obtain or make clean a source of water. Most of us run off of a municipal supply and we take it for granted that it always works, well sometimes it doesn't. Some alternatives would be water storage, tanks are pretty cheap but you run into the issue of where to put them but that's a post for another time but if you can have one it's an option. Another option is a little more expensive but if you can sink your own well in the backyard without running into legal issues go for it, take note though that in a SHTF situation do what you have to without hurting anyone else. One other point to take into consideration, Be cautious of who you tell that you have a water supply as good neighbors now could be bad neighbors later or during certain situations.

      Having digressed with the above the group decided to take advantage of the rain that they knew would be visiting them and decided to build a cistern to collect rainwater off of the roof, A very good design if it is legal in your area ( no, I am not kidding some states and county do not allow you to collect rainwater ) so their design was made out of 4x8 sheets of plywood lined with the VOPA tent material and a rain gutter diverted into the cistern, very basic but very simple and that is what you want, simple.

     The other issue that this group seems to have is in getting a handle on security, they are just plain stupid and complacent, I will give them credit in that they did start a night watch but on the first night Michael couldn't stay awake and laid down, Damn that was the wrong thing to do, first off if he was that tired he should have got someone up to relieve him and second of all with the amount of people that they have everyone could easily take a 2 hour shift. A shift of that length should be no problem or the other thing they could do that is even better is to have 2 people up at all times. Now again I know this is just a show but if you had to do this for real you would need to be on top of these things because your life would depend on it.

      The cost for the security lapse cost the group a broken down door as the building was broken in to after Michael went to bed. Lucky for the group this time nothing was taken but it did show that their doors and windows will need to be fortified as they provided ZERO resistance to the bad guys getting in. Anyone that can sneak right up to your front door and just bust right through could easily toss in a Molotov cocktail and ruin your whole night. Secure your doors and windows, Katy bar that door as they say, plant nasty bushes below your window, make it hard for the intruder and most importantly if you are on watch don't fall asleep!!

      This episode seems to be a 2 build affair with the 2nd being transport in the form of a reverse trike/ motorcycle and right off the bat it just screams out as being a disaster of ergonomics in the making. The biggest issue is the steering from the forward platform, with this long of a bike/ trailer setup how good will your turning radius be ? How fast are you going to be able to go ? How stable will you be? They have already found out about the stability issue, the bike was dumped on the maiden voyage. I am sure they will find uses for the bike but I would have liked to see a better design, even putting a car tire on the front of the bike and hauling the trailer from behind would have been a better idea, but we all know about opinions right....

     Score of the day seemed to be finding the alligator in the pool while out looking for water, this is a great find as the group really needs a good meal of protein, while it was a small alligator they will get by for a few days with it. This is another important area where you will need to have multiple sources for your sustenance, depending on one area or supplier will inevitably leave you shorthanded when you need it most.  

     The group also decided to go on a scouting mission and it seams like they left the 10 acre area because they found a fast food joint and they decided to take a look, scavenging, looting, stealing whatever you want to call it or whatever moral issue you have with it may be something you have to confront in an extreme emergency or SHTF

     Leadership finally came to a head also and Sally was voted in to lead, about time. Decisions need to be made and people need to be held accountable. This brings me back to the words of one of my fire instructors "Freelancing on the fire ground will not be tolerated" and it think that it applies here quite well. I think Sally will have her work cut out for her though because leading sometimes is like herding cats under the best of circumstances.

     The end of the show ended with the rainstorm that the group needed and it looks like they thought they caught over 400 gallons, not bad at all. I would still filter this water due to contaminants on the roof and materials they are using but that's gravy work for them right now. In addition it looks like the human contact will increase in the next episode, always a cliffhanger huh....Later

* Note some aspects of this article or examples will vary widely depending of your region, demographics, or other criteria.



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Stairway to the heavens....Log cabin update

     Well after half a day of plan changes and figuring out what would work best we put in the first of 2 flights of stairs today and boy am I glad to be able to use them, ladders suck.
     A nice side view of the new stairs, there will be a wall behind them that will be the master bedroom and a kitchen off to the right. We plan to enclose the stairs and put in a door so as to use the space underneath as a very small pantry.

     A down view from the 3rd floor where 2 spare bedrooms will be. There will also be an overlook to the 2nd floor from a small landing at the top of the stairs.

      Looking towards the front of the house and the stairs, There will be a few additional logs going up on the front and then the cutouts will be made for the windows.


Afghanistan's dirty little secret

Article over at SFGATE

     The above is a link to a disgusting issue over in Afghanistan with respect to pedophiles. I normally don't like to get into culture issues but this one bothers me a whole lot. 

Fresh log cabin pics

 OK folks sorry for the late posting but I had to do a little traveling this weekend ( 900 miles ) round trip but I am back on the job site. As you can see everything is going nicely, the roof logs are going in and there are a few more going in but the back wall needs to be constructed first.
 An inside photo, we are to the point where the scaffolding is necessary, good that means progress...
 An underside shot of the 3rd floor, we will eventually add some nice T&G to finish it all out.
Opposite view of the 3rd floor and one of the roof ridge beams, It looks a little strange right now but when the other walls start going up it will make a little more sense...


Log cabin update for friday

      OK we got he floor joists up today and started on the BCI joist's also, pretty good day and progress was made.

       Location is great and so is the view. OK, catch you all later It is beer thirty..


Log cabin update

      This is the last wall log going up for this side .
      Almost there, Beer thirty soon.
      Catch the log, Left, Left Left.
    OK just about there, Yes I am a little tired but we got up 27 logs today and that includes someone who will remain nameless that had to go to town ( 2hr round trip ) for more backer rod and that put us down for 2 hrs, damn we actually got a lunch. anyway enjoy. More later.


A few pics of the days log work

     Got up a few toothpicks today, once the first 4 starters were in the others go a lot faster, we are expecting to to get in about 20 logs for tomorrow. Thankfully no rain for the day so that means we will most likely get dumped on tomorrow. we'll see.

Here is a backside view of the cabin, this is the side that will be burmed about 6 to 8 feet to keep water away from the structure. Anyway it's time for a shower and a beer.

This here is the job site foreman, rescued from a city land fill and fought a rattlesnake and got bit for his troubles but so far a pretty good boss.....


Colony season 2 episode 5

     Day 17 starts off with the kidnapping of the model by 3 very large individuals, she has no chance at all to fight them off, while this is happening everyone else is working with loud power tools and she can not be heard screaming. Apparently a rule was broken in that no one was supposed to go off by themselves.  No one to help you if you get hurt, no one to help watch your back, going out by yourself is a big no no. The abductors took full advantage of this lone group member and caught her quick and took her to jail, really. Becka was placed inside part of an old jail to stew out her 24hr captivity, personally I hope she thought hard on her stupidity in venturing out alone. So the long and short of it is that she is being ransomed for fuel and medical supplies, this is a situation that you never want to be caught up in ever.

      On the windmill front they started the assembly and right off the bat I wanted to yell at them for cutting down the pole that they were going to use all because they didn't have a ladder. Hello, you can build a windmill but you can't build a ladder, give me a break. Down comes the pole and the cut about 4 feet off of it, the reason why I disagree with this is that the higher you have your windmill the better it will perform, windmills like height. On the actual construction they put part of their newly acquired airplane fuselage to good use. The windmill needed a tail fin and the plane provided that part perfectly, heck it even looks good. The blade assembly is made from a wheel drum with with fence boards for the blades, the diameter looks to be about 10 to 12 feet. They should catch some good wind with this and hopefully it makes up for it being so short and in the turbulence of the building, time will tell. For the assembly of the blades the group found some copper piping and they made rings that they fished through the boards, this looks like pretty good for what it is and for the available material. My biggest concern still it the reduction gearing that they used, I think it might be on the light side and be an issue at high speed and that leads into the other problem in that they have no over speed brake and if they get a good storm, well you know. Overall in the end they did manage to get the unit running and it is putting out power that they do need.

      For the last part of the show it was time for the exchange of Becka for the supplies that were called out for in the ransom note, fuel and medical supplies. Come time for the actual exchange though more was demanded of the group in the form of food and they gave it to them. The group has Becka back now but at the loss of a good portion of there food and 2/3 of the fuel they had. You can't loose valuables like this in a real situation but the outcome of this seems to be waking up a few of the group members and I think we might see a few decisions made with a little more thought put into them. Oh boy.


Log cabin project for the week

      Well this is my project for the week, getting a log cabin built for family over in NM. I am the one operating the Gradall for this adventure, I am used to putting up steel and being able to "nudge things" when you need to but this wood is mostly standing pole pine so it can't be beat on to hard. This project has been waiting to go for about 2 years, True log cabins van be a pain in the A%*, log cabin engineers here in NM are a little thin on the ground and you have to have that damn NM engineers stamp for your permit. Finally though it is starting to materialize and get going.
      The footprint of this hybrid cabin is approximately 28x36 and will be 3 levels giving a total of about 1,500 square feet. The first level is a walkout basement made out of 8x8x16 block and will be burmed  on 3 sides as it is built into an incline. They wanted a lot of height for the view and extra space. The middle floor will contain the kitchen, living room and a master bathroom with a fireplace insert. General heating will be by radiant heating for the basement and middle floor, the upper floor will be simple venting. Like I said I will be on this project all week so I will do a post on the progress and all in some of the features that will be incorporated.


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Colony season 2 episode 4 my part 2

     OK folks sorry for the delay, Life keeps getting in the way of things here along with more travel out of state again. I digress though, back to the review.

      Grumpy EMT ( Thanks GE )  beat me to in in my comments section from part one about the security issue for the group especially at night as they have plenty of members available to keep a daytime and nighttime watch. A point or 3 here but say for instance during the arson raid what would have happened to the group if their building was the one set on fire? End of the show........... No we can't let that happen but this emphasises the fact that they could have all been DEAD if the attacking group wanted it that way, you have to have someone watching your back all of the time in a situation such as this and that goes double at night where sleeping is your most vulnerable time. These types of shows bring about both good and bad things to our attention. The good is in that shows like these might actually wake people up to the fact that we are not in the nice rosy world we all think were in and we might actually learn something. Now the bad ties in with the good in a way with respect the the learning aspect, I am worried that things will be taught that will get people KILLED if they try them in a real catastrophe. Take for instance the scene during the fire where everyone decided to stand in the window and watch the pretty fire, add to that the person with the headlamp in the window, BANG. Another issue that that went lucky for the group was the attempted entry into their building, with enough time you can get through almost any door, I think a bucket filled with some nasty above the door that could be dumped on command would be a nice touch but that's just me. Something else to think about too, who might have been sneaking up on the other 3 sides of the building during the fire?

     Once it was noticed that the arson group was looting they finally decided to send someone out to confront the Looter, bad idea all the way around especially when only one person went out, again no one to watch your back, do you really want to do that? The group did learn a lesson thought, I will bet that they leave a lot less of their supplies outside again where they can be easily nabbed. 

     Another enemy showed up also to torment the group, mother nature came a knocking and did a good number on their building. Being wet is not any fun unless your in the shower or swimming, good shelter will be the difference in being comfortable or miserable. This storm also took out the bridge that they constructed at the canal along with some of their fishing gear, Dick's sporting goods is not open anymore so you really need to take care of what you have because you never know when you can get more. During a real emergency loosing your gear can make the difference between eating or not eating so it is important that you keep tabs of it.

     On the food hunt this week 3 members went out and headed to the swamp area where the did so well in finding snakes last week. Well whats good one week sucks the next, so they can't get to dependent on one area for their hunting especially when they do not have a garden or other dependable source of food. One bright moment was in the return trip where the hunting party came across the staged ER crashed plane, while there were other people at the site it did not turn into the confrontation that it could have and they walked away with an engine and part of a fuselage, I am sure that during closer inspection they might find more parts or pieces they can use. 

     OK time for the stupid action of the week. little miss pretty model decides to go off by herself looking for food, Nothing could be dumber than to go off by yourself and she paid the price. Right now people are not nice, heck they are down right nasty in some places so do you really think it will be any nicer when a disaster strikes? This girl would have been raped, killed or who knows what. The bottom line is that you really need to think before you do, now and especially in a situation like this group is in. From the preview it looks like a there will be a trade in the works, woman for supplies.... Stay tuned.



Colony season 2 episode 4

     Well the newness is wearing off fast here, I think this might be a 2 or 3 season show here, this group seem to be getting around to some basics that they should have started from the first. Security, HELLO great first step, closing off the gate was nice, it would only slow someone down for a little but controlling access is key.

     Both groups uniting ( who didn't see this coming ). No really it was the logical choice on both their parts, trying to defend 2 compounds is a non starter with the manpower that they had plus the additional supplies required to maintain 2 separate compounds was beyond their means. Joining forces, is almost always a benefit to said group as long as everyone can get along, Hell that's a whole post in it's self. In the end if you are in a group where it just isn't working or no one gets along you might want to be in a different group, this is not something that you want to deal with if you already have a catastrophe.

     The construction theme this week seems to be a windmill, this is a good idea that should pay off for them once they get it running. The power will be generated via a car alternator from one of the vehicles that have been staged, aahhh I mean abandoned in the area. Suspension and rotor parts will make up the bulk of the build, these are pretty substantial parts they are using, the only thing I have a concern about will be the gear reduction parts they are using from the scavenged bicycles. The bicycle gears and chain might be a maintenance issue but I am speaking before it is built, we'll see. Something to keep in mind here is the reason for the windmill in the first place, right now they are relying on the modified tractor for their power and that means they need fuel, fuel that they really do not have at this point, this in very short order could become the primary power source for charging the batteries, I do hope that they go into more theory and mechanic's of this build so that everyone can get a good understanding of this build.

I gotta get back to this people I got a kids nose bleed to tend to....

You ever notice?

Books in a personal library.Image via Wikipedia
      OK for you parents out there with kids in public school have you noticed here how it we keep getting a bigger and bigger school supply list every year. Yeah that's in addition to having the school taxes going up also and kids actually getting dumber too? Top that off too with going to get those supplies, don't be late because the shelves will be pretty bare, damn I know times are a little tight but I didn't think I would have to supply the whole school and such. I guess it all burns me a little because I cut a check every month for taxes to the state, welcome to being self employed and before I hear " you have a business you got money " I'll tell you your full of SH*&, Just because your a business owner doesn't mean your rolling in the dough, you are usually the last to get paid and if you don't have a good week well you I suffer through it. But anyway I Digress, I would love to see the books opened up in a format that Joe shmuckatelli ( sorry Joe if your out there ) could understand and see where all the tax money really goes, Hell I would love to home school but I am just a nut turning wire monkey who loves history oh well at least I can educate them on some real honest politics, She know both parties are crooks:)~

     Anyway long day people I am going to get some shuteye..... Later


P.S. I will try to get out my weekly colony review out tomorrow also...
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Isreal to bomb or not to bomb Iran

A Cartoon About Negotiating with IranImage via Wikipedia
     I have seen a few articles on the web today about the upcoming reactor fueling  in Iran by the Russians and Israel isn't too happy about that. The date for the event seems to be 21 August, that's the end of the week folks. Now I know Israel can not tolerate Iran having any kind of nuclear capability, I know this is a power plant but I have no doubt that Iran will misuse the fuel for more nefarious reasons. When you publicly state that you want to destroy another country such as Iran says it wants to do with Israel I can understand why Israel would want to take out these sites in a preemptive strike, They just can't take the chance.

Map israelImage via Wikipedia

     The state of Israel is approximately 10,000 square miles give or take, that roughly equates to the size of the state of Vermont in the U.S. So by all accounts Israel is a very small country, Imagine what 2 or 3 nukes hitting this country would do, Israel would cease to exist as a country. With that knowledge it is easy to see why they need to take threats against them very seriously as they just do not have the physical size or population ( just under 8 million) to survive against a weapon of mass destruction such as nuclear weapons. It is my belief that if Israel did not posses their own nuclear weapons they would have been overrun long ago, I believe that their nukes are purely defensive in nature or a last resort weapon only if they come under unimaginable attack. With Iran soon to be going nuclear it has been questioned if Israel will attack the various sites in question and what the consequences will be for us here in the United States? Will we be dragged into a war? Will we suffer from embargo's from the other Arab countries because of our support of Israel? I for one am willing to handle  anything that comes my way with respect to a backlash from Israel taking out the Iranian threat, it is something that needs to be done before the Iranian leadership can go through with their threats.       

Just some food for thought and for those that are interested here is a link to a site that has a lot of geographical information on Israel and the surrounding area.     
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L.A. times articles on the violence in mexico, 50+ articles

    This is a pretty large collection of L.A. times articles on the violence in Mexico and on the border.

"Court Says California Mall's Chat Policy Illegal"

     Yes really, a mall tried to limit you being able to open your trap in the mall, no wonder this country is in the shape it is. This whole thing is just wrong on so many different levels and it is not just  incidences like these, look around and you can find crap like this everywhere...


     An strange silence now grips my house, no talking, no yelling..........................No kids school is upon us again, this should be a holiday. I am going to go out shortly and enjoy a peaceful lunch.

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FoodSaver® V3800 test run

     Well have you ever bought something new only to have it sit on the shelf for a month or two. Yup I'm guilty. OK I broke it out and put it to work today on three different items I had around the pantry, Rice, Pinto beans and some pasta.

      I decided to use the 11" wide roll of bag making material that came with the unit, the length is decided by what ever foods you are putting into it. For my needs today I made two different size pouches to handle one or two cup capacities. I went with these two sizes because they are what I normally use for rice and bean sizes to feed me and my family and leave a little left over for later or for the next day. Pretty much all you need to do to use this machine is turn it on as there is a sensor in the feed sealing section that automatically starts the cycle when you put the end of a bag in it, nice feature as you need two hands to hold the bag and get it into the machine. Not needing an extra hand to push buttons is a time saver, the vacuum and sealing operation takes six to seven seconds.

      There are other features on the sealer that deal with wet product and such but like a typical man I have not read the instructions yet, I'll get to that. All in all I spent about an hour and a half playing with the machine and I only goofed up one bag before I figured it out and from there it flew bye. I cranked out about thirty, one and two cup vacuum sealed bags, I also made four - four cup bags for the heck of it. I will work with this sealer more in the next few days and try some different foods but my first impression is that this is a nice piece of equipment and I am looking forward to getting a lot of use out of it.....Later


An interesting Ayn Rand global plug

I am not sure what to make of this, but what a point.

Friday the 13th

      Well it is Friday the 13th Yippee. I am curious if we will have a D.C. news dump towards the end of the day. I did find one interesting blurb on a school down in Nogales, AZ that seems to have an issue with Illegals, Border patrol and cops running through the play ground. There solution, A fence, WOW novel concept. Story here.

      Now most schools out here already  have fencing surrounding  them and some do have barb wire but I don't remember it making the news before. Interesting.


I have come to the conclusion that I want to be a president,  it seems like all the do is take vacations, now I will not begrudge them for doing so I can't  imagine the stress that a president goes through but pick a better time you morons. When the damn country is at war or on fire with massive unemployment going off to play on the ranch or another round of golf makes you look like the insensitive ass that you are, get damn clue.        

Modern Survival Online Giveaway

ModernSurvivalOnline is giving away a copy of the US Army Field Manual FM 21-76 SURVIVAL.

To enter into this contest all you need to do is drop by the site and leave a comment as to why you would like to have this manual.

The drawing date will be Monday August 16th

An article I saw on U.S. Hyperinflation By 2015?

     I came across this site and article while perusing around the web, I  have never been to the site before so I do not know much about them. They do have some interesting numbers though and if anywhere near accurate.......Well U decide.

Colony episode 3

     Well good news for those of us that want to loose weight, Join the colony. 11 days in and one person had lost 24 or 25#. But really in starting off is the issue of sanitation, pretty important thing to deal with and they had a semi decent idea of digging the hole ( too small ) and diverting the flow to it from the porta-potty. This is not a bad idea but I think the pit should have been a lot bigger so it would last a little longer. Sanitation plays a big part as it is something we take for granted when we have it but can be a nightmare when we don't, we revert to cavemen when it fails and that usually leads to very crude conditions fast, like polluting surface water that you may have to use later for drinking. Either way something to think about. While on the hygiene kick and for the ratings I am sure they did put in a shower and then had the model demonstrate HHHMMM.

    Back in the food category a smokehouse was constructed for the drying of meat, good idea when you do not have any refrigeration and a pretty simple design too that hopefully they will work on more. A couple of problems they had was having to stay up all night with it to feed the fire and they could have also attracted unwanted attention either by the smell or the fire. One other failure was putting leftover food in a cooler and putting it in the ground like a root cellar, the hole was was not deep enough and the container not quite sealed  either and that brought the ants... oops.

      One of the biggest flaws of the show this week involved the introduction of the 2 new players, they just walked right in and were pretty much right on top of the group before they knew it.  Now if these 2 new players had any hostile intention they might have had a temporary advantage and caused some harm. The group really should set an over watch so as to not be surprised like this again in the future. Needless to say I think the group did do well in wanting the new people to go into isolation as per the "supposed flu", but when the newcomers violated the quarantine  things could have gotten hairy but logic prevailed and they did finally do as asked. Note though that this being a show and not real life it most likely would have turned out differently like a few other things. Taking in new members could be dicey as you never truly know what you are getting, they could be of great harm or be the best thing since apple pie, Caveat emptor.

     I would rate the overall security of this group as poor and would not fly in a real world situation, they have no one watching while everyone is working,  their noise discipline is terrible  and again a campfire and lights at night is just asking for trouble. One security item that they did decide to get going was making the forge and then making a makeshift machete  as a weapon, guess you have to start somewhere. Another new aspect this week was the introduction of the river barter boat, barter will always be an issue for both good and bad, this time it worked out favorable for both sides. Barter means you need to have something to trade with and the group made it work
and actually spurred a salvage operation towards the end that was in this case looting as it seemed that others had already claimed it in the building " gotta keep the excitement and ratings " this could have turned out bad for the group as they could have easily been overpowered. Oh well it's all scripted so anything can happen, stay tuned for next week there is supposed to be a kidnapping...... Enjoy


gunfight in Neuvo Loredo

     The following link leads to the aftermath of a very nasty cartel on cartel gun battle down in Neuvo loredo just across the border from the state of Texas. For those of us that live near a southern border this type of violence has been ever increasing and many are wondering when it will spill over. Duck and cover, pay attention to your surroundings and don't be where you don't need to be is good advice.

Warning some of these pictures are very graphic......... not for kids

Finally caught the colony episode 2

     Well I finally had the chance to catch the second episode of the colony, yeah I know a week late but I didn't think I would miss anything life changing.  Now I am sure there is a little scripting involved but they did focus on a few key basics in this one and I guess that counts for something.

     Realizing that food and water were key it was nice to see a good amount of time put into both of these efforts, more so with the food. Water will almost always be the deciding factor in any event, Air of coarse being #1 but that is another post for down the road. The addition of the sand filter that they scored should add some purity to their water but not having any chemicals to treat it they will need to continue boiling their water for drinking. The food issue was attacked on two fronts, one being the netting system for the small canal close to them and while it did not pay off at first I think it might pay dividends with a little more effort. Better efforts were made going to the semi swamp area, it would seem like a very target rich environment food wise.

     Power seems to be a big issue with this group, now I can see the need for the tools especially for the use of fortifying their living quarters. I wish the group would have put more time into their defenses, maybe next episode. They will have future confrontations and with their small numbers they will need to make their surrounding work for them and be force multipliers. The one bad issue that I had with their need for power was the fact that they were scared of the dark so to speak, I guess we are creatures of habit and are conditioned to having light at night but for the situation they are in light is the last thing u want. They are supposed to be in a grid down situation and any light at night will be a giant beacon that says come get me, come loot me. If you need light get a good red filtered flashlight and use it sparingly. Keep in mind that if everyone in the neighborhood does not have power and you do where are they are going to go? 

    One thing that did puzzle me thought was why go through all the trouble to weld on a pulley to the PTO shaft and mount an alternator? Was the altenator for the tractor bad? I am sure we will never know but it did bring out an alternate method of welding that does work in a pinch, It was a good example of how to use tools and materials to get the job done and I am glad that those types of examples were shown. As for rendering the pig fat for fuel it sure seemed like a lot work for the stated gallon that they got out of it but if that's what you have to work with go for it. I would be looking for additional sources of power production though as depending on just one source will always invoke that gentleman Murphy to gum up the works when you need it the most, having a backup will keep you going if a failure occurs.

     I know there is more to comment on this but the sleep monster is calling me, I do believe the next episode is on tomorrow so I will try to fill in from there.... Later all... Prepology
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Sunday thoughts

     Having stepped away for about a week while working in NM and doing a little traveling it has been nice to avoid all the doom and gloom, Damn it's still here though. A man could go bald or gray worrying about all the crap flying about in what we call the news, but still if you keep hearing the same thing time and time again you start to wonder . I just wonder what new scam or ponzi scheme the Government will be coming up with next to placate us just long enough to push it off on the next group of "officials".

       Take the news for what it is worth then do what you feel is right, or left if that's your style but just don't be that person without that proverbial chair when the music stops. I keep saying follow the money, something has to happen sooner or later, someone has to pay the piper. I see that more and more people are just burring their heads in the sand because they just do not want to deal with any of the negativity, well you can lead that horse to water and you know the rest. Sounds like family a little, I know I have some that I will not even bring up my thoughts with because they will look at me like I am crazy, They have total faith and trust in the .Gov. What really burns me is that I am pretty mellow with the whole Prep thing, I have asked family to just make the simplest of plans or just to stock up on a very few basic things and you would think that I was asking them for a million dollars or something. Oh well, my charity will be a whole lot less when it comes to them if and when things get tight.


      In other thoughts I have been trying to wrap whats left of my mind around the recent article with regards to the EMP "electromagnetic pulse" debate and how it will really effect us or if it won't effect us. I tend to think that we will not suffer the extreme devastation that we would have if either Russia or China were to hit us with their Hemp " High altitude electromagnetic pulse" devices. My money would be on a localized or regional event with a low yield device bought off the black market or stolen. Again flip a coin if it will happen or not either way the links below go into far better and deeper detail than I can put here on this blog.

     For what it is worth if an EMP event were to happen here with the dependency that we have in all things electric we would be in deep sh%# in no time. We do not have a reference to go by that people can relate to in recent times. One past example that we can go by is the Starfish prime test from the 60's
 For a detailed report on the effects of this Incident please see the following site.

In testimony before the United States Congress House Armed Services Committee on October 7, 1999, the eminent physicist Dr. Lowell Wood, in talking about Starfish Prime and the related EMP-producing nuclear tests in 1962, stated,
  "Most fortunately, these tests took place over Johnston Island in the mid-Pacific rather than the Nevada Test Site, or electromagnetic pulse would still be indelibly imprinted in the minds of the citizenry of the western U.S., as well as in the history books.  As it was, significant damage was done to both civilian and military electrical systems throughout the Hawaiian Islands, over 800 miles away from ground zero.  The origin and nature of this damage was successfully obscured at the time -- aided by its mysterious character and the essentially incredible truth."

Later folks, enjoy the reading and thanks for your time. Prepology. 

Future Data Bank article

A few things here might be dated by a week or two but still an interesting read, yippee.


By Anthony Tomei (For Immediate Release)
(Arizona - Internet Marketing Expert)

PHOENIX, AZ - 2010. On July 27th, The Congressional Budget Office released a brief which crashed their main website from massive traffic and visitors. The CBO dropped a bombshell...

'Deficits will cause debt to rise to unsupportable levels'

Click Here To Read The Article

The Debt Fiscal Crisis Brief is also be downloaded via PDF...

Click Here To Open The PDF File

Fiscal adjustments if any are too little, too late. The only 2 options the U.S. has to boost investor confidence levels are unpopular, painful, and we are past the rubicon for both! The 2 options would be massive tax increases, or drastic spending cuts.

I will now make a prediction based on the negative debt and public admission of a fiscal crisis... Take note, the U.S. is collapsing.

This March Moody's investor services warned the U.S. that unless it got it's spending under control there would be a possible future downgrade of it's triple-A credit rating... (see here)

Regardless of how long Moody or S&P try to stretch and prolong the inevitable downgrade and regardless of how much Tim Geithner says all is well DO NOT BE FOOLED BY THE COSMETIC SMEAR JOB! We, like the rest of the world are quickly approaching debt insolvency if we aren't there already! There is no turning back now and what we will see is that things will start deteriorating very quickly now.

Watch the news, keep an eye out for new developments. We are now moving very rapidly to a cashless society. Don't buy into the gold and silver manipulation schemes out there and stay away from those that prey on the helpless and try to get you to invest in gold. Gold is the banksters money, and they will confiscate it just like they did during the 1930's because it is their money!

What you should be doing with your dollars is buying non-perishable foods, and anything that will sustain you and your family throughout this global transition. When they introduce the global electronic cashless system your gold won't be redeemable.

This economic impending disaster is one that Americans do not understand and will overtake the mass majority like a thief in the night. Your typical American will not fully realize what has actually happened until they go to the bank to cash their check and find it closed with military guarding the front door.

The day is coming soon when the U.S. Treasury will declare a force majeure on debt. The U.S. is now so far in debt that collapse is inevitable and unavoidable. Make preparations for it now.

Force Majeure
Events outside the control of the parties. These events are acts of man, nature, governments and regulators, or impersonal events. Contract performance is forgiven or extended by the period of force majeure.

Should America (along with Israeli forces) launch a war against Iran - the costs of such a war will overwhelm an already crippled economy and push the U.S. over the edge into oblivion. I believe this is all pre-planned and orchestrated. I predict within 2 years time Americans will be begging for food and the bare necessities just to survive. Contingency plans by our military and FEMA are already in place for riots, and possible insurrection.

The greatest depression ever is currently underway and about to get worse. This is going to be global in scope. The blackmarket will rule, so stock up now on things like lighters, whiskey, cigarettes, canned protein, oats, rice, batteries, first aid kits, medicine, toilet paper, etc. people will trade their silver and their gold just to get their hands on simple pleasures.

There is no more time left...

You have been forewarned.

Public Notice: Please disseminate this article to as many places as possible all over the internet. Post it in forums, on social media sites, submit it as a story to media outlets, blog it, send it to your friends, get this out to the general public!


     Light posting for a couple of days due to travel but should have it squared away by this weekend. Thanks all

Crap luck and such

     Have you ever noticed what tire always goes flat on you if you drive a dually, yup that middle one, Three times in a row now. Oh well.

Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit August

     Well first off we are another month closer to.... well we're closer to something right? I would like to say that we are closer to this year being over but it just doesn't get me going in the least bit whatsoever. I know everyone is looking at the November elections but it will most likely be more of the same, you know bending us over, doing things for us that TPTB think we need, stuff like that.

Raindrops falling on waterImage via Wikipedia
     I really like rain but not when I am working on sealing a temporary roof with tar and flashing, it goes from sunny to rainy here in NM in a heart beat. Oh well wait 15 minutes and the weather changes out here, Building this damn cabin for family has been one pain in the a%$ after another. The red tape to build a log cabin, a real log cabin is a pain in the a%$ but when that's what ya want that's what ya get, oh well. Desert rain what can you do

      Well speaking of rain it just took out the internet so it looks like this will not make it to post until Aug 2nd, damn. Any speaking of rain it looks our wonderful government is trying to push more rain water restrictions on us, several western states already have water collection laws on the books. I say to hell with them how the :claim ownership of a rain, if it falls on my property it's mine. This is a really good example of how bad Govt has wormed it's way into our private affairs, You know damn well they will try to tax or regulate air next or something. Anyway here is a link to Natural news that has a better article then I can write on the subject.

This would be a nice set up to have on any day but most people I think are just as happy with the type below.    


     Anyway my thoughts are simple why not collect a little rain and use it, it is going to get recycled again anyway sooner or later. Just let it wait until I am done working please. Later all


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