Colony episode 3

     Well good news for those of us that want to loose weight, Join the colony. 11 days in and one person had lost 24 or 25#. But really in starting off is the issue of sanitation, pretty important thing to deal with and they had a semi decent idea of digging the hole ( too small ) and diverting the flow to it from the porta-potty. This is not a bad idea but I think the pit should have been a lot bigger so it would last a little longer. Sanitation plays a big part as it is something we take for granted when we have it but can be a nightmare when we don't, we revert to cavemen when it fails and that usually leads to very crude conditions fast, like polluting surface water that you may have to use later for drinking. Either way something to think about. While on the hygiene kick and for the ratings I am sure they did put in a shower and then had the model demonstrate HHHMMM.

    Back in the food category a smokehouse was constructed for the drying of meat, good idea when you do not have any refrigeration and a pretty simple design too that hopefully they will work on more. A couple of problems they had was having to stay up all night with it to feed the fire and they could have also attracted unwanted attention either by the smell or the fire. One other failure was putting leftover food in a cooler and putting it in the ground like a root cellar, the hole was was not deep enough and the container not quite sealed  either and that brought the ants... oops.

      One of the biggest flaws of the show this week involved the introduction of the 2 new players, they just walked right in and were pretty much right on top of the group before they knew it.  Now if these 2 new players had any hostile intention they might have had a temporary advantage and caused some harm. The group really should set an over watch so as to not be surprised like this again in the future. Needless to say I think the group did do well in wanting the new people to go into isolation as per the "supposed flu", but when the newcomers violated the quarantine  things could have gotten hairy but logic prevailed and they did finally do as asked. Note though that this being a show and not real life it most likely would have turned out differently like a few other things. Taking in new members could be dicey as you never truly know what you are getting, they could be of great harm or be the best thing since apple pie, Caveat emptor.

     I would rate the overall security of this group as poor and would not fly in a real world situation, they have no one watching while everyone is working,  their noise discipline is terrible  and again a campfire and lights at night is just asking for trouble. One security item that they did decide to get going was making the forge and then making a makeshift machete  as a weapon, guess you have to start somewhere. Another new aspect this week was the introduction of the river barter boat, barter will always be an issue for both good and bad, this time it worked out favorable for both sides. Barter means you need to have something to trade with and the group made it work
and actually spurred a salvage operation towards the end that was in this case looting as it seemed that others had already claimed it in the building " gotta keep the excitement and ratings " this could have turned out bad for the group as they could have easily been overpowered. Oh well it's all scripted so anything can happen, stay tuned for next week there is supposed to be a kidnapping...... Enjoy


2 comments: said...

What drives mee crazy about this show is how serious they take threats. I mean - there's a cameraman standing there chomping down on a Big Mac, they can see planes overhead - maybe even hear the cheers of a rowd from a local stadium. They knoww that it is not real - yet one guy threatened to go get his knife to use against the new visitors.

I don't know - I like the show - it is the secutiy issues that drive me crazy.


Scott said...

Rourke I agree, I have to remind myself it is a show and I am sure the Characters are spurred on from producers on many things to keep it TV worthy, On the security that is what really bugs me a lot too and the worst thing is many people will take these shows to be the gospel, Hence a lot of stupid mistakes.

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