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      OK for you parents out there with kids in public school have you noticed here how it we keep getting a bigger and bigger school supply list every year. Yeah that's in addition to having the school taxes going up also and kids actually getting dumber too? Top that off too with going to get those supplies, don't be late because the shelves will be pretty bare, damn I know times are a little tight but I didn't think I would have to supply the whole school and such. I guess it all burns me a little because I cut a check every month for taxes to the state, welcome to being self employed and before I hear " you have a business you got money " I'll tell you your full of SH*&, Just because your a business owner doesn't mean your rolling in the dough, you are usually the last to get paid and if you don't have a good week well you I suffer through it. But anyway I Digress, I would love to see the books opened up in a format that Joe shmuckatelli ( sorry Joe if your out there ) could understand and see where all the tax money really goes, Hell I would love to home school but I am just a nut turning wire monkey who loves history oh well at least I can educate them on some real honest politics, She know both parties are crooks:)~

     Anyway long day people I am going to get some shuteye..... Later


P.S. I will try to get out my weekly colony review out tomorrow also...
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