Colony S2 E10

Day 49

     Well the second to the last day is here, wouldn't it be nice to know when something starts and when it finishes? I did know in advance that this show would be a show and not necessarily the best show for Joe average  to gain any real meaningful information out of, just the opposite actually. I was hoping to see more on the gadget front on this season, to me those are what makes it worth it and where a person can actually learn something useful, the rest is just scripted acting. But anyway the show starts right off with the continuation of Tick doing a recon on the outsider group, you just know that revenge is in the air here but in reality it is just asking for it. 

     Work continues on the air boat that the group plans to use for their escape but the airplane motor gives them a big headache, it won't start. Plenty can be said for having simple tools and simple mechanical items of any sort, the reason is simple they  usually work. Granted high tech items are nice when they work, it like the old saying that newer is not always better. More often that not I would prefer something that is older and by far easier to work on, think about it whats easier to work on a '72 pickup or a '10. 

     Another continuing think that bugs me about the show is the security, yes it has improved since Tick has joined the group but it still is abysmal. Take the nighttime security that they have inside the house, flashlights or headlamps on at night and standing in a window is absolutely stupid in any world. Hell you might as well put out a great big neon sign that says here I am. When in a grid down situation any light produced will attract attention and you do not want that attention.  Light and noise discipline is something that you can never take for granted under most circumstances, be gray, don't be seen or heard. As for the patrol on the outside it is pretty much the same thing, you using a flashlight is just an invitation to draw attention upon yourself or worse you can draw fire. Having nightvision is preferred and there are low cost units out there but you can also spend thousands too. Nightvision is a whole complete post in itself.

Day 50

     Well the last day is here and it is full of surprises that's for sure. Sally starts off going over the airplane engine looking for the fault that plagued them the day before, they never say what the problem was but after a while it does run and that lifts the spirits of the group, they now have an escape vehicle. Over a very nasty meal of some spoiled meat Tick goes over his plan for the raid of the outsiders, part of their motivation is supply related but I think revenge is also a factor since they know that this outside group is the one that has been attacking them time after time. Now you can debate the wisdom of attacking a numerically superior force but in this case the outside group ended up being just as sloppy with their security as the colony and a lightning raid into the outsiders camp pays off the colony group as they net some canned food and a good supply of gasoline, now you could call it luck, dumb luck but remember it's a show, ERR entertainment. With their new found "booty" they load it pretty quick into the boat and they get another shock by VOPA showing up, that's shocker #1 and the 2nd shock is in that VOPA wants to know if 2 people would like to leave with them. AHH no thank you VOPA, FEMA, .GOV have a terrible track record when the chips are really down, Please use PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY and take care of yourself. Well in this case one member decides to go with VOPA vs. head out to the new location in the bayou.

      On Que as soon as VOPA leaves the outsiders show up in full numbers and of coarse they are a little miffed at the colony group, time to bail on this Popsicle stand. As the assault take shape the outsider group splits, one group heads to the colony house with the intention of fire bombing it and they do. This is in effect something you might not do as you know that there will be valuable resources in the home. Force #2 goes after the colony group but they are too slow as the colony makes it to the air boat and they leave, now this would have been a heck of a time for the engine to not start but that would have screwed up the show right.


      The colony group motors on thinking that they pulled it off and they are home free until they approach the fishing cabin that they want to take over and they find that it is now occupied by another, damn the producers, foiled again. You can see jaws hitting the ground and then that's it, the cliff hanger from hell. A show where the supposed good guys don't win in the end. What next?

     Now that the show is over I will do an overall review on it and try to hit some of the better parts and some of the worst. Stay tuned and thanks for checking it out.


Log cabin update roof sheeting section 2

       Finally clear skies and warm weather. We got the lower section of the roof completed ( minus the metal ) decking but that's ok we really wanted to just get it closed in to keep the weather out.
     Our BCI's rest on the log's and they fit nice, after we insulate we will be adding 1X6 T&G to the bottom of the BCI's. The goal here is to have no wall or ceiling that has drywall at all. Ugly stuff and it is not wanted.     
      It is getting a little dark in here, this is with half of  the roof done, I think some temp lights are in order.

Semi final product of the day. we will continue the roof out the front after we build the deck out the front and support the 5 logs that you see coming out the front. The decking will start just below the logs right where it turns to the block wall, it will be 8' all the way around.


E-mail funny

A doctor from Israel says: "In Israel , the medicine is so advanced that we cut off a man's testicles, put them into another man and in 6 weeks he is looking for work!"   The German doctor comments: "That's nothing, in Germany we take part of the brain out of a person, put it into another person's head and in 4 weeks he is looking for work!"

A Russian doctor says: That's nothing, either. In Russia we take out half of the heart from a person, put it into another person's chest and in 2 weeks he is looking for work!"

The US doctor answers immediately: "That's nothing colleagues, you are way behind us!  In the USA , we grabbed a person with no brains, no heart and no balls.  We made him President and now the whole country is looking for work!!!" 
Author unknown

Log cabin no joy

     No work today as we got rained on all day, go figure as we wanted to finish the front section of the roof, not today. Hopefully we will have better weather tomorrow.


Colony S2 E9

    Day 46
Well the mini invasion that everyone all knew would happen, happened and this is where I lost some respect for Tick. Dividing his forces, half inside and half outside to me was a very bad choice especially when you are outnumbered. If the raiders had any sense at all they would have rolled up the outside colony forces and then attacked the house but it's a television show that gives some very bad advise that can get you killed in the real world. Needless to say the house holds out against the assault but almost doesn't as their front door is partially kicked in, if the raiders had put a little more manpower into this exploitation they might have gained entry and could have easily rolled up the weaker members of the colony. Tick did impart one good tidbit of information in that  when faced with superior numbers your run, that not being an option be a defender in a fortified position, funnel your enemy to you and take away his numerically superior numbers. Case in point, small narrow door ways or hallways are what is termed as the fatal funnel i.e. if only one man can advance through this opening  you now have the advantage and can attack, his numbers are meaningless at this point, that's a defensive advantage. Now granted the use of technology can negate this but being pretty low tech on this show means that you cannot fight man on man when you are outnumbered, you must take advantage of force multipliers in this case the defensive structure of the group.

     Now granted this attack could have gone down many different ways and the defense could have also been very different and what this show does not include is that it would have in actuality been much more ugly in real life, sticks and stones do break bones and true trauma kills now even with our modern medical facilities. We do live in an ugly world and it does not take much effort to see it via the news and Internet. People in my opinion are but a stone throw away from being a wild animal and if you were to put people in the situation that the colony residents are in for even a week you would see very different people at the end of that week, Fear is a mighty powerful emotion so in hunger, they can make you do things that under normal circumstances you would never dream of doing.

Day 47

     This day starts out with the group preparing for their scout mission that they want to take and with all the rain they have  had no one checks the boat, it fills up with water as one would expect. A valuable lesson hear is that during a crisis situation where you have limited supplies and equipment you have to focus on taking care of what you have, going down the street to the local store to get another one will not be an option. In some cases loosing or not taking care of your gear could have serious effects on your comfort or even your life. Having a spare to your space is a prudent thing to do but on more expensive or one of a kind pieces of equipment you absolutely have to take care of it. In this case though the group got lucky and all they had to do was bail out the boat to get it to float again but if this boat had was motorized it could have been ruined, they got lucky.

     Meanwhile the group that stayed behind at the compound continues to work on the main escape boat, they work on the acquired plane motor and get it running with a few modifications and mount it to the boat, OSHA must have been around because they do a good job of putting guards in place around the home built propeller that they make out of laminated wood and carve themselves. They put a lot of time into the propeller and they even seem to get a good balance on it. Come a crisis situation many things we take for granted will not be there and it will be up to you and your skills to fabricate the various parts and pieces to continue on, take nothing for granted. At some point during the boat building the group does a security check ( you should have already been doing this anyway ) during this check they spot someone observing them. This event could have turned out badly for the group if an attack cane and with their reduced numbers it would have hurt but nothing came of it, reality though?

     Back to the scout group they come across a fishing cabin and investigate, they contemplate moving to it and take it over for the night to feel it out. As this scout groups mission was to explore and hunt they deploy several snares and they also investigate the area for other hunting opportunities. Not having a local grocery store to go to food means that gathering food, farming or livestock raising will take up a great amount of your time, granted this is more of a long term issue but short term you still need to eat. Supplies only last so long and as many homes only have a week of food or less it is something to consider. If you are not in an area that is resource rich with wild animals you are a little limited in the short term if you can not move to better prospects. Having some storage foods will go a long way to maintaining a food supply for yourself and loved ones until either the events change or you can provide for yourself.

Day 48

Day 48 does not start out too well for the scout group as the decide to break up in to 2 different groups to continue hunting and exploration of the area.  Michael and Amber make up one group and they place out one trap that they have and then decide to explore an area they have not yet been to. The 2 are surprised by a man who has the virus and infects the 2 with the blood born pathogen, they are pulled from the game as they are now infected and expected to die. They do leave a large note for the other 2 members of the scout team but they do not contaminate the cabin and they leave their personal supplies in the cabin also. This event might not have happened if they did not get lax in their situational awareness especially in a non secured area, another thing that gave them away was their noise discipline, it was terrible to say the least, you can never get complacent during a crises as it only takes one mistake to either kill you or seriously wound you. Be alert and pay attention. Stupidity kill. The 2 remaining scout members eventually find the sign that was left for them, they do an inventory of the lost scout teams equipment and decide to load up and head back to the colony proper and in form them of the cabin find and also of the 2 lost colony members.

Day 49

This day starts off with Tick and one other member going out in the morning to collect berries and they discover someone watching them and they give chase finding the outsiders camp, Tick stakes it out. You know that the colony wants revenge right? see ya next week.


Are Independent Thinkers Mentally Ill?

 Published on 09-21-2010
By Mark Nestmann - Sovereign Society

Do you question authority? Fail to accept conventional wisdom?  Lose your temper when you hear a politician make a promise that you know he or she can’t keep?

Damn so this is what the heck has been wrong with me my whole life.....................

Lessons from the Morgan Hill, CA Cyber attack

     While this article is dated by a few months it does teach some valuable lessons in the prepping community.

Log cabing Tuesday BCI's

      We got up a good amount of BCI's today after spending half the day anchoring and leveling the logs that they sit on but it worked out well. For tomorrow we will be putting on the OSB sheeting and then the barrier that we have, the metal roofing for the finish is set to be ordered.
      You can see the pockets for the logs, we have 5/8 X10 bolts securing them to the wall then we blocked the sides and top and added 1' long screws.
     Side view shot. There will be a walkway all around the log section of the building and then an additional roof above that, it will tie in at the end of the BCI's that you see resting on the logs and continue down where you see the white strip below the T-111.


Log cabin update for Monday Ridge beam

 Our crane finally made  it to the job site today, woo hoo. Here we are putting up the ridge beam, this is the largest and heaviest log.
 Pics are out of order but this us adding one of the front wall logs.
 Here we have a good shot of the logs coming out of the front wall we will be having a 9' overhand that will cover the deck that will be out front.
A side view of what we did today, we will be doing a little adjusting and then we will be putting down the BCI joists and then the decking. We should be topside rain tight. The goal is to get it to where we can work on it from the inside during the winter.

Some reverse migration

This article was sent to me in an E-mail, Author unknown.

Three cheers for Arizona
The shoe is on the other foot and the Mexicans from the State of Sonora, Mexico doesn't like it.
Can you believe the nerve of these people? It's almost funny.
The State of Sonora is angry at the influx of Mexicans into Mexico. Nine state legislators from the Mexican State of Sonora traveled to Tucson to complain about Arizona 's new employer crackdown on illegals from Mexico.
It seems that many Mexican illegals are returning to their hometowns and the officials in the Sonora state government are ticked off. A delegation of nine state legislators from Sonora was in Tucson on Tuesday to state that Arizona 's new Employer Sanctions Law will have a devastating effect on the Mexican state.
At a news conference, the legislators said that Sonora, - Arizona's southern neighbor, - made up of mostly small towns, - cannot handle the demand for housing, jobs and schools that it will face as Mexican workers return to their hometowns from the USA without jobs or money. The Arizona law, which took effect Jan. 1, punishes Arizona employers who knowingly hire individuals without valid legal documents to work in the United States.
Penalties include suspension of, or loss of, their business license. The Mexican legislators are angry because their own citizens are returning to their hometowns, placing a burden on THEIR state government.
"How can Arizona pass a law like this?", asked Mexican Rep Leticia Amparano-Gamez, who represents Nogales." There is not one person living in Sonora who does not have a friend or relative working in Arizona,"she said, speaking in Spanish.

" Mexico is not prepared for this, for the tremendous problems it will face as more and more Mexicans working in Arizona and who were sending money to their families return to their home-towns in Sonora without jobs," she said. "We are one family, socially and economically," she said of the people of Sonora and Arizona . Wrong!
The United States is a sovereign nation, not a subsidiary of Mexico, and its taxpayers are not responsible for the welfare of Mexico 's citizens.
It's time for the Mexican government, and its citizens, to stop feeding parasitically off the United States and to start taking care of its/their own needs.
Too bad that the other states within the USA don't pass a law just like that passed by Arizona . Maybe that's the answer, since our own Congress will do nothing!
One final issue. Polls show that over 80% of our population supports Arizona 's new laws. Certain Businesses and States want to Boycott Arizona because of these new laws. I say, let them do so, but lets get that 80% who agree with Arizona to boycott those states and those businesses. Then we will see who wins this debate.
If you agree with me, forward this on. If you are in the 20% that do not mind the illegal immigrants committing vast crimes in our Country and taking advantage of our broke Social Security System without paying a dime into it, then you may freely delete this 

Signs Of A Crumbling Regime

September 20, 2010 by Bob Livingston
Signs Of A Crumbling Regime Can you see it? The signs are everywhere. The regime is crumbling.
No not the President Barack Obama regime, though that is part of it; maybe even the catalyst in the United States, at least. I’m talking about the regime in general; the system.

Rest of the story here

Janet Napolitano: 'This is a civilian border'

Read more:
I am a little behind folks, travel and work on the paying job but when it comes to this moron Napolitano she always makes the blood boil, I was so glad when she left Arizona but damn if she didn't go to a place where she could screw us even worse. I would ask how these people sleep at night but then I remember they have no conscience what so ever. 
Note Log cabin work to continue here on Monday.

The Colony seaseason 2 episode 8

     Well this episode picks up right where it left off, The payphone ringing with a message from VOPA saying they will be there in 24 hours, Yeah it's not going to be that easy guys.

Day 44

     With news of VOPA coming the group decides to split into 2 groups for the rescue as they know they will not fit into one helicopter. Tick gets worried though about security when the helicopter shows up, he feels that it would be the perfect time to attack the group. He is correct in that it would be a good time, your distracted, you have tunnel vision, you don't watch your back, there are a million things to worry about. Fast forward to the time when the rescue is supposed to happen and at that time the group immediately knows that it will not be a rescue but it will be a supply drop. It is a very sloppy drop though as the helicopter does not go right in and do the drop but they circle the group area several times and that draws attention, all part of the script here people. Que the actual drop though, that is a failure in itself as they drop the crate from too high an elevation, most of the foodstuffs are destroyed but they do manage to salvage some before the inevitable outside crowd shows up and wants there share. Tick really shines in this event as he sets up a defensive line and coordinates the rest of the group in collection usable items and the ultimate withdrawal back to the compound. It is again great to finally see a strong figure in charge of security for the group. Having the helicopter show up in the groups mind will draw in more outside refugees and they are worried about it, one thing that does help out the group though is that in an ammo can that the group grabbed from the drop has a cell phone in it with messages from their families, it is a moral boost to the group.

Day 45-46

     The boat building projects move on and they actually put the scout boat in the water and leak test it while doing this they realize that they will have a hard time moving the larger boat when the time come. The group comes up with the idea of repairing the tractor and they go on the hunt for the tires the put the tractor back into operation. The group decides to work on some defensive measures and while doing this they spot an advanced 2 person recon group, they check things out and take off, this was a pretty sloppy recon party and they tipped their hand as to what might happen soon. When this event is all over the group goes back into security mode and comes up with some pretty good modified shields from plastic and other materials, they needed these earlier in the show for sure. Tick gets the group set up with their locations for defense, people on the roof, inside the compound security and a QRF (quick response force) I again wish that they had tick sooner in the program as he would have saved the group a little pain in the previous weeks. The group also builds a water cannon and it works well, this cannon gives the group a little reach, a force multiplier so to speak. the group also starts working on the propeller they need for the boat, it will be made out of laminated hard wood glued together, as they say necessity is the mother of invention. The end of the show starts the predictable attack on the group, we'll see you folks next week.

Log cabin update Friday

Old Glory flies

 Well we got the OSB up today on the roof and of coarse the wind meet us when we started but we pushed on, now as soon as we get the ridge beam up we can do the lower roof. Our new goal was dictated to us today also " You will have this cabin closed in for TURKEY DAY " Yes Mom it shall be done.
     A little prospective of progress so far, one huge thing to get going is all of the berming that has to be done, most of the block wall will disappear soon.


Log cabin Roof update for Thursday

      Aright, due to some changes that we made with respect to the main ridge beam we were able to start the roof over the dormer section, OUTSTANDING. We upgraded from 2X8 to 11-7/8 BCI, this material is so much lighter and actually stronger to work with.
      A view from the second floor, we still have the pocket to make for the ridge beam, that will get done when our crane shows up, if it shows up.
     The biggest problem today was with the damn wind, I would have rather been rained on vs. the wind but after not being able to get anything done for 2 days we were determined to get the BCI's in. Tomorrow we are going to sheet the roof and hopefully we will not have any wind, handling 4X8 sheets is not something I want to do in windy conditions. More tomorrow.

As always if you have any questions chime in and I will answer what I can of it..

If any of you have a chance I am posing a question for the readers here on the site. HERE

Prepology is having another great giveaway

 Ok folks Rourke is having another great giveaway.

Please visit the site for more details.

Giveaway: Shelf Reliance “Cansolidator”

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Shelf Reliance “Cansolidator” Giveaway

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I want to give an extra special thanks to Shelf Reliance for making this contest possible.
I will draw the winner on September 15th, 2010. Shipping in the USA only.
Good luck!!!!

Obama before the Pearly Gates.....

A funny that was sent to me in an e-mail

Obama before the Pearly Gates.....
Obama dies and finds himself before the Pearly Gates.

He is very excited; all his life he's had a secret wish & longed to meet the Prophet Mohammed.

Having arrived at the Gates of Heaven, Barack meets a man with a beard.

'Are you Mohammed?' he asks.

'No, my son, I am Peter. Mohammed is higher up.' Peter then points to a ladder that rises into the clouds.

Delighted that Mohammed should be higher than Peter; Obama climbs the ladder in great strides,

Climbs through the clouds coming to a room where he meets another bearded man.

He asks again, 'Are you Mohammed?

'No, I am Moses. Mohammed is higher still.'

Exhausted, but with a heart full of joy he climbs the ladder yet again,

He discovers an even larger room where he meets another man with a beard.

Full of hope, he asks again, 'Are you Mohammed?

'No, I am Jesus... You will find Mohammed higher up.'

Mohammed higher than Jesus! Man! Obama can hardly contain his delight and climbs and climbs, ever higher. Once again, he reaches a larger room where he meets a man with a beard and repeats his question: Are you Mohammed?...' he gasps as he is, by now, totally out of breath from all his climbing.

'No, my son....I am Almighty God. But you look exhausted. Would you like a cup of coffee..?'

'Yes! Please, my Lord'

God looks behind him, claps his hands and yells out: 'Hey Mohammed-- two coffees!'

Keep your trust in God; your government has failed you miserably.

BLN article of 50 things that should irritate everyone

50 Mind Blowing Facts About America That Our Founding Fathers Never Would Have Believed
Published on 09-08-2010

By Michae Snyder - BLN Contributing Writer

This list should bother everyone, some of it is old and some new but the underlying principle is the same and I say what the hell is wrong with us!

Update on the no log cabin update

     OK folks sorry for not having a log cabin update for a couple of days but our crane situation is all SNAFU and mother nature has blessed us with rain but in a way everyone needed a break anyway so it worked out pretty good, we have decided on a major structural change involving the ridge beam so that will let us start on the dormer roof tomorrow. I will update the progress as it comes, Thanks for stopping bye.

Colony seaseon 2 episode 7

     Day 40
     Well the show starts out with security issues, This kinda chaps by backside in that it was not a bigger issue in the first few days of the show, is sure as heck would be in a real event. Anyway the group decides to put a watch tower on top of their building, it seems to give them a pretty good view with the exception of one corner. In the construction of the tower stairs they almost have a major accident in that while pulling the stairs up the building the ropes break, had everyone not been out of the way for the most part someone could have been killed versus only a little scratch. Think before you lift. Now if the group will man this tower like they should it would minimize being snuck up on by the outsiders. The show also starts off with the mystery observer getting into position for observation, more on the mystery man later. 

     Food seems to also be an always present issue for the group also as they are down to about 2 cans and some misc other foodstuffs, next to your water supply food is very high up on the list and this group really does not have a stable food supply and never will due to the show and available resources. Farming and livestock would be the answer but it is not a reality for this show, minor small game, fish and scavenging is about all that can be hoped for in this experiment. In a real situation you would have the opportunity to venture further out for food collection if it were safe but again due to the circumstances..... The lack of food seems to also be the reason for some of the tension in the group and it shows that people can and will get ugly when they don't eat  Take any ones food away for a day or 3 and see how nasty we can be, we have taken for granted a great many things in this world. We have a standard of living ( in some countries ) that is unparalleled in modern history and to take our "conveniences" away would mean holy hell, never mind the fact that most people simply do not know how to do for themselves anymore.

     One of the other new projects for this week and possible escape vehicles is the boat that is on site. While lacking an engine, controls, fuel and who knows what else the want to go for it. The group wants to modify this boat into an air boat with the airplane engine that they have and make the air rudder out of the section of the wing that they also have, it could work. The big issue is in the fuel that they need, high octane aviation fuel is not something they will find in their area so they decide to make a still ( do you have your BATFE license ) I had to throw that in there. A simple still was made with a tank and some pipe and tested with water, not the best or worst but it will be interesting to see if it all works out. First though they mix a tub of water, sugar and yeast, I do not think they have too many chances to screw up with supplies being limited as they are.

     The team is also tested this week with a pregnant lady but in the end it ends up as a rouse to take attention away from a group that tries to sneak in and steal supplies. Food and supplies are demanded by the invaders but none are given but a gallon of water, the group really did not have anything to give anyway so it worked out but in reality these situations can be very dangerous. In giving away supplies it can hard to draw the line between charity and keeping what you have so that you can survive.

Day 41

     In other boat news the group also decided to put a little time and labor into a much smaller boat in hopes of doing a little investigating of the area, good idea but I would have liked to see them do this a little earlier in the show also as it might have helped out. Stress is also again showing it's head as the name given to the boat but one of the workers causes infighting. It is just a name people you have bigger fish to fry.

     The group also decides to try some fried cockroaches and find that they actually like them to a point, protein, protein and more protein. This would not be something you would want to live on and besides how many would it take to fill you up?

Day 42

     Day 42 starts off with a search for food and they decide to collect the berries that are around and that leads into a fight about one person not pulling their weight in the collection, Hello you don't help collect food then you don't eat in my book, no free lunch here. Anyway to me that part is just a little filler time the important event of the day is again the total abysmal failure of their security as mystery man ( tick) walks right into the groups area, right past a member to deliver a note in the middle of their compound and does not get seen until he is already out of their area, it just defies stupidity in that they have invested time into their tower and yet someone can still just walk right in and do whatever they want. I just can't say enough about having someone watching your back especially in a situation such as theirs. In this case though (tick) has good intentions ( well maybe ) and his note that he left was an invitation for dinner at his place, hungry stomachs override the brain and they decide to check it out and they actually do something smart and leave people to watch their building. During the meal everyone feels semi comfortable with the exception of one and the rest of the group is called for and that's where they get stupid, leaving your front door wide open in the bad part of town is just asking for it right? so why would you leave your building unguarded? that's when i would have hit it. End result of the evening is that everyone is fed, fat and happy and Tick is asked to join the group, wow what a little food will do to soften you up, this could have been a great trap ( and could still be ) but tick decides to think on it and the night is over.

Day 43

     Well as expected Tick shows up and decides to join the group, with his military experience and hunting experience he will be an excellent addition to the group, hopefully security will improve dramatically. Tick (per the show) has been living among the group for quite some time and in a way knows the group and their problems so it should be interesting to see if he can steer the group to the final finish line in 7 days.

     Curious event in the end of the show in that a phone rings while part of the group is out Guess who.....It's VOPA.......see ya next week.


For those who visit frugalsquirrels

     For those who visit Frugalsquirrels their regular website is having issues, you can still get to the this way.


Labor day log cabin work

     Crappy day today as the crane did not show up so the top 4 logs to the right did not make it to the top logs on the left, damn I wanted to get that up there today.

     So with the 4 logs not going up the ridge beam on the ground ( the really log one ) didn't go up and that means we can't start the roof yet and get things closed up, another bummer deal, oh well out in the sticks.

     Not being able to do the roof logs made us work on a little stick framing on the 3rd floor and we got about 90% of that done and some additional head knocker repair work on the 1st floor.

     View from the front side off of the scaffolding looking back at the new stick building. The 3rd floor will have 2 small bedrooms and a bathroom. Hopefully things will work out better tomorrow.

As always if you have any questions chime in and I will answer what I can of it..

If any of you have a chance I am posing a question for the readers here on the site. HERE


Log cabin weekend update

      Saturday turned out to be a very slow day like today so we did not get to anything spectacular, we had lots of little things to do that were not really worth taking a picture of. The following pics are of both Sat and Sun. We did manage to get the last wall up but we made a mistake on the overlap and had to cut out the window prematurely as you can see to fix the seam "damn it Jim I am an electrician not a carpenter" comes to mind.
      Inside section of the last wall, you can also see the pocketing that we had to do for the log, this is where the roof line will change due to the enlarged dormer section.
      Another view and here you can see the two other pocket locations for the logs that we will put in on Monday, the last ridge beam will also go in but the pocket for that one is not in yet.
      This view is from the scaffolding at the front of the cabin.
      View down, this area will be all open and be a living room/ dining area.
     Another view of the open area, part of the kitchen will be to the right.

As always if you have any questions chime in and I will answer what I can of it..

If any of you have a chance I am posing a question for the readers here on the site. HERE


Log cabin update for friday

      OK kind of a slow day today but we only have one outside section left to build and the 3rd floor will be closed in. We have come to the conclusion that if you want wind you don't get it but sure as hell if you are putting up a wall the wind shows up....
       Our BCI's showed up today and that is a main part of the roof, that should start on Tuesday barring any crane failure. The goal is to get it buttoned up before winter so some work can go on inside. The doors and windows will be cut out on an as needed basis.
      An inside shot, this floor will have 2 bedrooms and a full bath and a good view, I have a feeling though that down the road a 2nd window per room will be added.
     This cabin was enlarged in the dormer section after it was manufactured so this pocketing of the roof log is one of the results, 2 more logs will end up like this come Monday, modifications, what fun.

As always if you have any questions chime in and I will answer what I can of it..

If any of you have a chance I am posing a question for the readers here on the site. HERE


Log cabin update for Thursday

      Well we have more walls up today and we should get this level done (outside walls anyway). the outside walls are 3/8 T-111 and Tyvek barrier.
      A shot from the backside, damn if this don't look a little redneck at the moment. Progress is good though.
      We had some left over log and we needed a center support and this worked out very nice and adds to the room, damn it is time to clean up again also.
     Looking out from the 1st floor, there will be a lot of glass where this large opening is, double door should look good to. It is hard to see but we added that log there in the middle.

 If any of you have a chance I am posing a question for the readers here on the site. HERE


Question for the readers

     Thought, we all know that skills is what really matters, yes gear makes a difference but it can only do so much for you. It is hard to buy say a gardening skill, or some type of construction skill or even an electrical skill or medical skill. Your skill sets take time, it's hard to get around that but you have to have them.

     So my question for you readers is there some gear or equipment that you would really like to have is either not made or is made so crappy that you wouldn't want it,  or is there some combination of items that you would like that is all in one?

     Items could be something like a flashlight that takes 3 or 4 different size batteries and work or an all purpose generator that is bullet proof so to speak.

     I would love to hear any ideas you folks might have no matter how corny it might be to you because it might be something someone else has really been looking for. Thanks


Log cabin Wednesday update

      OK we got up the second set of stairs in today going from the first to the second floor, it is very nice to carry lumber up stairs versus a ladder. I did have the party foul today and I broke a light bulb, oops.
     We also started the stick wall framing for the third floor, the large openings are for the two other logs that this wall will support, hopefully they will go in on Friday. With luck we should have a good portion of the stick framing done and roofing material will show up on Friday or Saturday.
     Another view of the stick framing that we started, the higher we get the better the view keeps on getting. The one fun thing we get happening here is that the RAF flies right by here at low level, that gets your attention quick.


Sept is National Preparedness Month - what are you gonna do about it?

This from


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sept is National Preparedness Month - what are you gonna do about it?

Planning is a fact of every day life. We plan for our chores, the kids’ activities, shopping trips and vacations. But when it comes to planning for a disaster, many Americans don’t do it.

According to Lynne Eicher with the Mid-South Chapter of the American Red Cross, “Research shows that fewer than 15% of the population in this country is prepared for any disaster.”

And, according to FEMA, almost 67% of respondents in a 2009 Citizen Corps survey say they plan on relying on government in the first couple of days.

Unfortunately disaster preparedness is often thought of moments before or immediately following some sort of crisis or emergency. For example, how many times have you seen images of people stocking up on water, can goods and batteries just before the hurricane comes ashore?

It would be easier (and cheaper) to purchase things in advance and have them in a kit with other supplies. And yes, planning for something that may never happen is hard … but what if something does happen? Are you and your loved ones prepared?

September is National Preparedness Month and a perfect time to take action and get ready.

Some important things you can do to prepare for the unexpected include:

  • Get or assemble Disaster Supplies Kits (grab & go kits) for your home, office and car … and don’t forget special needs family members, Seniors, and your pets or livestock.
  • Make a Family Emergency Plan (e.g. list of Emergency phone numbers, Meeting places, etc).
  • Learn about different types of disasters and emergencies that may affect your area and, if you travel to other parts of the country for business or pleasure, learn what to do there too.
  • Include children and seniors in discussions so they get a basic understanding of what could potentially happen during different types of scenarios. There are lots of kid-friendly tools and data available to help little ones understand what they need to think about and do.
  • Learn how to protect your home and personal items to lessen the impact of disasters.
  • Take a first aid class (or at least read about basic first aid and learn what you would need to expect and do). And ask local officials if they offer a CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) course in your area.
  • Ask your employer what the emergency plans are for your office or building and, if you have children, talk to school officials and learn what their plans are for different types of emergency scenarios. Also ask about plans at nursing homes, day cares or any other places your loved ones frequent or live.
  • Find the closest emergency shelters to your home, workplace and school. These are usually posted on the city or county Emergency Management Agency’s web site or call their office. Also think about where you would go if you had to be evacuated for days, weeks or months and discuss it with your family.
  • Keep in mind some shelters may not allow pets so find out what motels or hotels allow critters or ask your vet or animal shelter if they would be able to board animals during a time of crisis.
  • Get involved in your community and share ideas with neighbors, schools, youth groups, faith-based organizations, civic clubs and First Responders.

All of these things can be found on the Internet in various shapes and sizes ... or ... you can get all this (and more) in Fedhealth's "IT’S A DISASTER! …and what are YOU gonna do about it?" book. The 268-page paperback provides quick-reference instructional bullets about what people should think about and do to prepare for different types of disasters and emergencies, as well as how to administer basic first aid in one easy-to-use source.

Download some free topics and learn more here or contact Fedhealth at 1-888-999-4325. (Proceeds benefit American Preppers Network)

Or visit or call 1-800-BE-READY (TTY 1-800-462-7585)

Join the APN Forum at
Visit the Arizona Forum at


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