Colony S2 E9

    Day 46
Well the mini invasion that everyone all knew would happen, happened and this is where I lost some respect for Tick. Dividing his forces, half inside and half outside to me was a very bad choice especially when you are outnumbered. If the raiders had any sense at all they would have rolled up the outside colony forces and then attacked the house but it's a television show that gives some very bad advise that can get you killed in the real world. Needless to say the house holds out against the assault but almost doesn't as their front door is partially kicked in, if the raiders had put a little more manpower into this exploitation they might have gained entry and could have easily rolled up the weaker members of the colony. Tick did impart one good tidbit of information in that  when faced with superior numbers your run, that not being an option be a defender in a fortified position, funnel your enemy to you and take away his numerically superior numbers. Case in point, small narrow door ways or hallways are what is termed as the fatal funnel i.e. if only one man can advance through this opening  you now have the advantage and can attack, his numbers are meaningless at this point, that's a defensive advantage. Now granted the use of technology can negate this but being pretty low tech on this show means that you cannot fight man on man when you are outnumbered, you must take advantage of force multipliers in this case the defensive structure of the group.

     Now granted this attack could have gone down many different ways and the defense could have also been very different and what this show does not include is that it would have in actuality been much more ugly in real life, sticks and stones do break bones and true trauma kills now even with our modern medical facilities. We do live in an ugly world and it does not take much effort to see it via the news and Internet. People in my opinion are but a stone throw away from being a wild animal and if you were to put people in the situation that the colony residents are in for even a week you would see very different people at the end of that week, Fear is a mighty powerful emotion so in hunger, they can make you do things that under normal circumstances you would never dream of doing.

Day 47

     This day starts out with the group preparing for their scout mission that they want to take and with all the rain they have  had no one checks the boat, it fills up with water as one would expect. A valuable lesson hear is that during a crisis situation where you have limited supplies and equipment you have to focus on taking care of what you have, going down the street to the local store to get another one will not be an option. In some cases loosing or not taking care of your gear could have serious effects on your comfort or even your life. Having a spare to your space is a prudent thing to do but on more expensive or one of a kind pieces of equipment you absolutely have to take care of it. In this case though the group got lucky and all they had to do was bail out the boat to get it to float again but if this boat had was motorized it could have been ruined, they got lucky.

     Meanwhile the group that stayed behind at the compound continues to work on the main escape boat, they work on the acquired plane motor and get it running with a few modifications and mount it to the boat, OSHA must have been around because they do a good job of putting guards in place around the home built propeller that they make out of laminated wood and carve themselves. They put a lot of time into the propeller and they even seem to get a good balance on it. Come a crisis situation many things we take for granted will not be there and it will be up to you and your skills to fabricate the various parts and pieces to continue on, take nothing for granted. At some point during the boat building the group does a security check ( you should have already been doing this anyway ) during this check they spot someone observing them. This event could have turned out badly for the group if an attack cane and with their reduced numbers it would have hurt but nothing came of it, reality though?

     Back to the scout group they come across a fishing cabin and investigate, they contemplate moving to it and take it over for the night to feel it out. As this scout groups mission was to explore and hunt they deploy several snares and they also investigate the area for other hunting opportunities. Not having a local grocery store to go to food means that gathering food, farming or livestock raising will take up a great amount of your time, granted this is more of a long term issue but short term you still need to eat. Supplies only last so long and as many homes only have a week of food or less it is something to consider. If you are not in an area that is resource rich with wild animals you are a little limited in the short term if you can not move to better prospects. Having some storage foods will go a long way to maintaining a food supply for yourself and loved ones until either the events change or you can provide for yourself.

Day 48

Day 48 does not start out too well for the scout group as the decide to break up in to 2 different groups to continue hunting and exploration of the area.  Michael and Amber make up one group and they place out one trap that they have and then decide to explore an area they have not yet been to. The 2 are surprised by a man who has the virus and infects the 2 with the blood born pathogen, they are pulled from the game as they are now infected and expected to die. They do leave a large note for the other 2 members of the scout team but they do not contaminate the cabin and they leave their personal supplies in the cabin also. This event might not have happened if they did not get lax in their situational awareness especially in a non secured area, another thing that gave them away was their noise discipline, it was terrible to say the least, you can never get complacent during a crises as it only takes one mistake to either kill you or seriously wound you. Be alert and pay attention. Stupidity kill. The 2 remaining scout members eventually find the sign that was left for them, they do an inventory of the lost scout teams equipment and decide to load up and head back to the colony proper and in form them of the cabin find and also of the 2 lost colony members.

Day 49

This day starts off with Tick and one other member going out in the morning to collect berries and they discover someone watching them and they give chase finding the outsiders camp, Tick stakes it out. You know that the colony wants revenge right? see ya next week.


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