Log cabin update for friday

      OK kind of a slow day today but we only have one outside section left to build and the 3rd floor will be closed in. We have come to the conclusion that if you want wind you don't get it but sure as hell if you are putting up a wall the wind shows up....
       Our BCI's showed up today and that is a main part of the roof, that should start on Tuesday barring any crane failure. The goal is to get it buttoned up before winter so some work can go on inside. The doors and windows will be cut out on an as needed basis.
      An inside shot, this floor will have 2 bedrooms and a full bath and a good view, I have a feeling though that down the road a 2nd window per room will be added.
     This cabin was enlarged in the dormer section after it was manufactured so this pocketing of the roof log is one of the results, 2 more logs will end up like this come Monday, modifications, what fun.

As always if you have any questions chime in and I will answer what I can of it..

If any of you have a chance I am posing a question for the readers here on the site. HERE


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