Labor day log cabin work

     Crappy day today as the crane did not show up so the top 4 logs to the right did not make it to the top logs on the left, damn I wanted to get that up there today.

     So with the 4 logs not going up the ridge beam on the ground ( the really log one ) didn't go up and that means we can't start the roof yet and get things closed up, another bummer deal, oh well out in the sticks.

     Not being able to do the roof logs made us work on a little stick framing on the 3rd floor and we got about 90% of that done and some additional head knocker repair work on the 1st floor.

     View from the front side off of the scaffolding looking back at the new stick building. The 3rd floor will have 2 small bedrooms and a bathroom. Hopefully things will work out better tomorrow.

As always if you have any questions chime in and I will answer what I can of it..

If any of you have a chance I am posing a question for the readers here on the site. HERE


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