The Colony seaseason 2 episode 8

     Well this episode picks up right where it left off, The payphone ringing with a message from VOPA saying they will be there in 24 hours, Yeah it's not going to be that easy guys.

Day 44

     With news of VOPA coming the group decides to split into 2 groups for the rescue as they know they will not fit into one helicopter. Tick gets worried though about security when the helicopter shows up, he feels that it would be the perfect time to attack the group. He is correct in that it would be a good time, your distracted, you have tunnel vision, you don't watch your back, there are a million things to worry about. Fast forward to the time when the rescue is supposed to happen and at that time the group immediately knows that it will not be a rescue but it will be a supply drop. It is a very sloppy drop though as the helicopter does not go right in and do the drop but they circle the group area several times and that draws attention, all part of the script here people. Que the actual drop though, that is a failure in itself as they drop the crate from too high an elevation, most of the foodstuffs are destroyed but they do manage to salvage some before the inevitable outside crowd shows up and wants there share. Tick really shines in this event as he sets up a defensive line and coordinates the rest of the group in collection usable items and the ultimate withdrawal back to the compound. It is again great to finally see a strong figure in charge of security for the group. Having the helicopter show up in the groups mind will draw in more outside refugees and they are worried about it, one thing that does help out the group though is that in an ammo can that the group grabbed from the drop has a cell phone in it with messages from their families, it is a moral boost to the group.

Day 45-46

     The boat building projects move on and they actually put the scout boat in the water and leak test it while doing this they realize that they will have a hard time moving the larger boat when the time come. The group comes up with the idea of repairing the tractor and they go on the hunt for the tires the put the tractor back into operation. The group decides to work on some defensive measures and while doing this they spot an advanced 2 person recon group, they check things out and take off, this was a pretty sloppy recon party and they tipped their hand as to what might happen soon. When this event is all over the group goes back into security mode and comes up with some pretty good modified shields from plastic and other materials, they needed these earlier in the show for sure. Tick gets the group set up with their locations for defense, people on the roof, inside the compound security and a QRF (quick response force) I again wish that they had tick sooner in the program as he would have saved the group a little pain in the previous weeks. The group also builds a water cannon and it works well, this cannon gives the group a little reach, a force multiplier so to speak. the group also starts working on the propeller they need for the boat, it will be made out of laminated hard wood glued together, as they say necessity is the mother of invention. The end of the show starts the predictable attack on the group, we'll see you folks next week.

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