Cabin Update: Deck and Roof

      My apologies everyone for the severe lack of posting in the last few weeks but we have been buried with a mish-mash of events that have pushed this blog to the side. I hope to get back to regular posting here in a few weeks but I am trying to finish up a few technical aspects of this cabin and then deal with a 1,500 mile movement to the mid-west.

     As you can see here we have started the deck that will go all the way around the cabin, we have started on the side in the middle so that we could get the roof started.
      As usual we get limited by the wind and we had to stop at three sheets here, were hoping for better progress tomorrow.
      Here we have a close up of the roof material and the valley trim, we are still waiting for a decision on what the siding will be here for the third floor.
      The front angle of the cabin where you can see the 6x12 laminated beam going around the cabin, we will also have 6x6 post going from this beam to the logs that protrude at the roof line. Once we have the deck completed on the front we will also cut in the double door and the two windows that will be on the 2nd floor.
      A shot of the ceder deck that we are installing, we will also be continuing the roof line above this deck so that it is covered.
     Our other wonderful issue for the last 2 weeks has been the fire in Arizona that has been sending us this wonderful smoke I guess when 700 square miles burns you can't miss it.

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