America died a little today

Today 21 March 2010 will be a day that  will be remembered in this country for decades to come.
Time will tell if this new health care package will really be the savior of our country or  the death of us. I am inclined to believe the latter.

I am quite sure that come November there will be a reckoning of electoral significance. Democrats have stuck their necks out and committed political suicide with their votes today. Many people have been awakened by what they have seen, Vile and Unspeakable deals have taken place and they will come to light. These despicable acts will be known well before the November elections and there will be hell to pay. My biggest fears are that in the meantime our social fabric breaks down in violence from those that can no longer handle these acts of outright destruction and usurpation of our rights. 

This country stands on  very thin ice financially, we are in the red, we are already bankrupt we just do not want to admit it. Going down this socialist road will be the undoing of this country, we are so very close to not being able to pay back the mountains of debt that we now owe. We should all be ashamed of ourselves for letting this happen, we should be ashamed in that we, The United States of America has to borrow money from other countries to continue our very existence, what shame.

So in closing tonight I would ask that everyone do there level best to be prepared for what might be a coming storm unlike anything we have seen in this country since the civil war, ugly things come our way, one way or another.

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