Upgrading your contacts for information purposes

     So for the news junkies out there I had an idea and I am sure a few of you out  might already be using it.  We already know that network news other than your very local news is pretty much limited in scope, face it you can only fit so much in the time that they have allotted and it is way too commercialized and impersonal.

     Now what I have done is to take advantage the plethora of social media sites out there to reestablish relationships with old friends and relatives for the purpose of finding out the pulse of the people in there area. I have found this to be a very good way to keep up. Keep in mind though that being on these sites is like an open book so be cautious of what information you post about you and your friends and family, criminals everywhere are now using the net like never before for crime so be aware.......Scott

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