Thoughts on 2019 and beyond.

     Back in the 80's when I was able to first look at the world with a somewhat educated brain cell I could see that the Soviet Union and the United States of America wanted to play a game of catch with ICBM's.  Being a kid of that era where World War 2 and Vietnam were still very fresh in a lot of peoples minds I turned into a sort of history junkie as it relates to conflicts.

     I have come to a conclusion that people like to control other people and force themselves either directly or by proxy and it seems that the end is always the same, we dominate, subjugate and kill ourselves to force a way of life and even an opinion with reckless regard.

     We have a whole host of things to worry about as part of the preparedness community and for me that was initially nuclear warfare and while it still is on my list along with a whole host of other things that I am sure many of you share I usually take the sum of all those potential scenarios and come out with a common denominator of a plan that will work best for all events. I am now working to further tailor that plan to include what I see is a huge disconnect and deepening division of the general populace of this country especially as it relates to politics and what that might entail.

     As a core basic it is my belief that a general plan should include the following basics:

  • Food
  • Shelter
  • Water
  • Protection
  • Communication  
     This combination while very general should cover what you will need in most situations, again this is just a basic outline and it will vary greatly depending on geography, population density, personal capability and so on. 

     Survival is not always about heading for the hills or  rooftop or even getting deep in the bunker, surviving is also about having that situational awareness to know that something is not right and you need to do something in a rapidly executed fashion. If it dos not feel right DO SOMETHING NOW!

     Circling back to the current political climate and division we are seeing a level of non-tolerance to the opposite at levels that I think will spiral even further out of control, it seem that cooperation and even talking to an other side is falling by the wayside and turning to censorship and outright violence at the drop of a comment. With the advent of social media and a I want it now and do not want to work for it we have a specifically educated population segment that goes down a very narrow road that has been proven time and time again to self destruction and this should not happen when as a very technically astute society have in the palm of our very hands the knowledge of the world if we just type www. But we don't, we instead decide that our own moral superiority gives way to the reality and fact that history repeats itself. 

Real men not Gillette soyboys

       As many of you have seen or heard of by now Gillette the razor blade company has decided to go woke and therefore slit their own throats with I hope one of the razors that they will now have plenty of inventory of due to the massive backlash. I will not even post the video that they made over on Youtube but I will post below a response video made by

Please if you are in the market for a new watch give them a look.

Thanks all.

Survivalist Singles is back online

Hello everyone I just wanted to pop in real quick and let everyone know that Survivalist Singles is back up and running again. This is the same site that we all remember from a few years ago. Please stop in and post away even if you are not looking for that significant other the site is also now a place for ideas and and posting in addition to dating. 


Where have all the good times been.

 Good afternoon everyone its been a while. I have been meaning to do something here for quite a while and I pondered quite a bit just about what exactly that might mean. A lot has been going on in the world and some may say it is just all more of the same just with a few more shades of grey and I would probably agree with that. On a personal note life has pretty busy with some new things and quite a few old things as well. Family should always come first and that makes extra-curricular activities like this blog come in a little further down the list, add in to that I was for sure getting very burned out as this subject can do to a person. This does not mean that I have abandoned it by any means but I have had to re-locate it in my current world.
      Speaking of that current world it has become no less dangerous and some would even argue that it is even more fractured and inching towards some kind of a melt down of epic proportions, Maybe so or maybe things will just grind on like they always do and things will happen regionally like they usually do. I believe that man is and has always been his own worst enemy and will always continue to be so. Take into account that the world seems to be getting smaller and smaller all the time and the actions of one person can have a ripple effect throughout the world, no longer are things or events confined to just a local area. We have through our technology enhanced our lives and made them better but we have also let in evil through that same technology, it is a delicate trade off.

     Man's good and evil is also complimented with what nature can bring us and yes nature can still be that cruel and evil B word but that still does not change anything in the least bit, It remains true that you can not beat mother nature but You can lessen the impacts by the decisions that you make.

     All these tangents betray my ADHD that I have so in a round about way of saying it I would like to spruce things up around here and get back to a few of the core things this blog was originally set up to do and that is to provide some decent information that you all might find interesting and beneficial to you the reader. Biased opinion included of coarse.
Tank care all and I hope to re-connect with some of you that might still actually have me on the reading list.


Pray for those in Blue tonight, Pray for Dallas.

Our prayers and thoughts are with you tonight. 


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