Cabin Update: Tankless, Bath, Misc.

Well we got a little bit done over the last few days including a little progress on the plumbing, we made a few changes and still have a few to do but they are minor. We have slowly been bringing up the temperature on the radiant heating that is in the floor and as I write this it is quite comfortable, it takes a while to warm up this giant heat-sink  but it will hold the heat for a good while. 
 Here is another view and obviously the LP tank will not stay here it is just temporary to get things started, we should have the permanent gas lines installed by the end of the week, I do have a few more lines to plumb in yet but they go to the 2nd floor and part of the first. 
 Another install for the day was the washer and dryer, the washer works very well and is extremely quiet and only makes any kind of noise when it drains, the dryer is not hooked up yet as it is gas but hoping for the end of the week. We did elevate the units about a foot.
In the 3rd floor bathroom we installed the concrete board counter base and also for now the copped miners sink and faucet, the tile will be next sometime down the road. This bath is now functional and will be put into use to that we can finish some things in and around the 1st floor bath area.

As always questions and comments are welcome and also we have more up on the Cabin Update Page.

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rat said...

the crazy lady likes the way the sink looks oscar!! and so do i!!

BadVooDooDaddy said...

Bathroom and washroom are looking really good. Looks like things are coming along nicely.

The Middle Man said...

Things are looking good, just wanted to let you know the site has inspired me to make my own survival necklace. Its not much but its a start.


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