Cabin Update: Start Of The Tankless Water Heater

 It has been one of those days so please bear with it a little.

STEP 1: Locate ideal location to install a Tankless LP gas hot water heater, CHECK.

STEP 2: Bore a 5" hole through your 8" block wall that has been filled with rebar and concrete, CHECK.

STEP 3: Make obligatory hand statement and make fool of oneself. CHECK, CHECK and CHECK.
 STEP 4: Verify daylight through 5" exhaust hole and that the specialty exhaust pipe fits. CHECK and CHECK.

STEP 5: Stand around and admire hole and double check measurements to be certain the hole is in the right place. CHECK and It's too late to move it now.

STEP 6: Install one Tankless hot water heater and temperature controller. CHECK and CHECK.

OK in all seriousness, the water heater we have installed will be for the radiant heating of the floors on the 1st and 2nd and we will also use it for the regular domestic water heating. The unit is rated at 188,000 BTU so it is on the large side for a home unit but it will work nicely for our application. we should have this unit running sometime next week but you know we'll keep you updated.

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Healing Morning said...

It's a true shame that HGTV isn't following you through this whole process. It would make a fascinating reality series! I've been a lazy friend and haven't visited here lately, but it's always fun to watch the progress you're making.



Scott R said...

Hi Dawn, yeah it would be funny at times if they followed us that's for sure, we kinda do not fit in the norm though as we like to overkill everything but I tell ya I will be happy when it is done and I can walk away and get back to my career. Appreciate your stopping by Dawn and don't feel bad about not being here in a while as we are all super busy, Take care.

Anna L. Walls said...

I've been trying to get my boss to convert to this kind of water heater for years.


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