TSA To the Prom?

     We have all come to expect to see the TSA or Transportation Security Administration at our airports and some train station,  bus stations, sporting events and many people have strong feelings for and against this right?

Well we may  have a new location to add to the mix, you child's Prom?

 No one will argue that some level of security is called for in ones travel but at what point do we draw the line between security and flat out absurdity. Recently the school system wanted  TSA certified people  to be involved in the security of a Santa Fe New Mexico high school prom, now this is either an indication of ineptness on  the part of  local authorities or an ever increasing case of authoritarian control being imposed upon us one slice at a time.

I have ZERO respect for the TSA and their thuggish and demeaning ways and some states are beginning to agree as state legislation now being proposed would allow for the arrest of TSA agents for what amounts to sexual assault. They should also arrest for general stupidity on the part of the public for putting up with it in the first place. I would in no way, shape or form allow a grown man to grope me, my wife or especially my child and I hold those who do in the lowest form possible, HOW CAN YOU SUBJECT YOUR CHILDREN TO THAT.

     Wrong is Wrong and putting a badge on a person and calling it necessary for security DOES NOT MAKE IT RIGHT!!

I have news for you, the TSA fails every single day, they are tested every single day by agencies that are tasked with breaching security, the TSA is all window dressing to make people think they are safe, you are not safe, you will never be safe, Life is not safe. To exist on this planet you must accept a level risk and then deal with it.

Your safety resides in you as well as morals and dignity, don't ever sacrifice them for a false security.

Scott R


rat said...

wow some companies will do anything to control people. i wouldnt go to prom if i knew tsa was going to be there "checking" people. i didnt go to prom but still im glad im gtraduating high school this friday. i can understand finding ways to detect things but when the tsa started groping people it went to far. "Wrong is Wrong and putting a badge on a person and calling it necessary fro security DOES NOT MAKE IT RIGHT!!" - that part is amzing oscar.

BadVooDooDaddy said...

What I am trying to figure out is why a federal agency is in the private security business? If I knew that they were going to have TSA agents at my child's dance I would not let them go. This is like inviting the SS to be security at a Jewish prom. First of all why are my tax dollars going to an agency that is supposed to be making the roads and airways safer, meanwhile they are groping teenagers as they enter the prom. This is absolute craziness. Second of all don't they have some body cavity searches to do? Our Federal government needs to rethink the whole TSA thing. This is a fricken joke.

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