Prepology: Items that we take for granted

     We here in this country take for granted a level of comfort and services offered that are the envy of the world. We consider our lifestyles in most terms as normal for us and we go through great lengths to maintain them and we get more than a little upset when some link in the chain breaks and disturbs our perfect little world.

     Think about the following list as it relates to your everyday activities, to your every day routine.

  • Food  Access is excellent, we have a readily available supply with huge variations in styles. Stable.
  • Water We have it flowing right into our homes, we use it for our cooking, cleaning, drinking and sanitation. Stable.
  • Electricity Available almost everywhere, again it is brought right to our homes. Stable.
  • Communication Land line, Cell phone, Internet access, Satellite, Radio, Cable. Stable.
  • Transportation Public, Private, Air, Rail, Sea born. Stable.
  • Shelter Your house, A relatives house, Emergency shelter location both public or private. Stable.
  • Public Services Police and Fire, local hospital. Stable.

     Almost everyone depends on the above services to go from one day to the next, we have come to rely on them as always being there without fail and for the most part they are sound.

     Now here is where that gentlemen Mr. Murphy comes in and ruins the day, With no specific reason here there are times when the system breaks down , it just happens. Most times it is for a short period of time and we just make do or we find another location to haunt until it has passed us over. In most cases people can handle a 24hr period of being without one of the Previously  mentioned services. 24hours is one thing, now thing about what happens when you start getting into 48 or 72 hours, what happens then? Lets complicate it even more and add into that not one problem but 2 problems. Go ahead and pick any two problems, some are more serious than others but they can effect different people in different ways as does location and environment.

     A great many people have the attitude of " It can't happen to me " well it does happen to you and it shouldn't. We have had many natural disasters that have happened in this and many other countries to prove you wrong, that ounce of prevention really is worth the pound of cure (Thank you Mr. Franklin). Common sense is the best weapon you have in your arsenal to prevent a bad situation from impacting you in a negative or uncomfortable way.

As  I have said we have become very accustomed to our comforts even so much as to day our basic everyday living needs but we neglect to think about what happens when we loose one of them, well there are solutions to each and every one of them and all it takes is a little thought and Initiative on our part to lessen the effects of the problem.

This will be a two part article.


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chinasyndrome said...

Scott,too true Bro! I think even us preppers who are prepared will be stunned if something bad happens! Folks are use to on demand.Cell phones have pretty much replaced landlines make calls anywhere anytime.Most every family has at least one vehicle.Most folks have never had to go down to the crick to get water.Turn a handle instant water.Flip a switch Light.Its winter here in Indy,cold!Power outages worry me because almost no one is prepared!


Scott R said...

Morning China, I have always thought that it will be little things that bite us in the arse, we just take too many things for granted now with hardly any backup.


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