Students riot over food in China

Frustration Builds Over High Food Prices In China


Students at the No. 2 High School in Liupanshui City of southwestern China's Guizhou province had endured rising living expenses for months. But on November 22, after a new round of food price increase - though a relatively minor one of no more than 50 cents per meal - they had had enough. More than 1,000 students gathered in school canteen, smashing windows and vandalizing the cafeteria facilities.  Read the rest
Seems things aren't so rosy in China, Little do these students know what happens when students riot hard for other reasons, with the Tiananmen Square Massacre being censored they most likely don't know how harsh their government can be. But I digress, it looks like the Chinese are having some inflation issues and it is not sitting too well with some people. This will be interesting to watch as time goes on. 


chinasyndrome said...

Scott, Merry Christmas Bro! You and family have a great one!


Scott R said...

China, Thanks everyone here is sick but gonna push through, you have a great Christmas also.


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