Health group sues McDonald's

Health group sues McDonald's over Happy Meal toys

PORTLAND, Ore. – A California mother of two and The Center for Science in the Public Interest are suing McDonald's Corp. to get the fast-food chain to stop using toys to market meals to young children.

OK so lets shut down the TV stations too who show the adds, lets shut down the printers who make the posters, Lets shut down the sign makers who make the arches.

They say McDonald's is violating several consumer protection laws by marketing its Happy Meals directly to young children because it exploits children's vulnerability.

OK then why have the Managers of the store not been arrested, why not the worked who sold the happy meal, where are the authorities.

"What kids see as a fun toy, I now realize is a sophisticated, high-tech marketing scheme that's designed to put McDonald's between me and my daughters," said Monet Parham, of Sacramento, Calif. "For the sake of other parents and their children, I want McDonald's to stop interfering with my family."

"Between me and my daughters" Hogwash you sorry excuse for a parent, the person that should be between your kids and McDonald's is your sorry excuse for a role model and parent, Do your kids control you, are you that weak that you have to let your kids eat there in the first place, learn the word NO!!!! If you do not want them "INTERFERING WITH MY FAMILY" then don't let them you IDIOT, don't do business with them. 
You control your family but you don't you dare try to control mine.

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What if it's today? - A survivalist's blog said...

We have to remember that those three and four year olds, maybe even eight year olds are the ones who get in their cars, drive to McDonalds, order the meal, and pay for it!

And secondly, who wants to get a good healthy meal when you go to McDonalds or any restaurant? You want to go for the lousy, greasy, fattening food that you would never dream of giving your family at home when you serve real food.


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