Cats and lasers

I have to admit it I was a cat torturer today, no I did not water board them, that would be too hard. Actually we had a load of fun I came across an old laser I had stuffed away in a drawer some what like the one in the add here. Well anyway I went to test it out and turned it on and the dot appeared on the floor nice and red and bright. Enter cat, hell this was better than catnip, she was all over it. Me being me I could not resist in playing with the cat and the red dot, I am not sure who got the bigger workout but soon the other two cats decided to jump in and it was a site to see cats trying to catch this dot, the best part was when I decided to put the dot halfway up the wall and then to the ceiling. That kind of killed it but the look's on cats faces was priceless and we all had fun.....



Jr Deputy Accountant said...

Haha! This is cat torture, sure, but they LOOOOOOVE it. Mine is old (just turned 14 on the 6th) and hardly active but she adores the laser. Before they had cat lasers, my Grandpa and I used to play with my old cat using a flashlight, he LOVED it.

Have fun!

Scott R said...

Hi JDA, thanks for stopping by, the laser is infectious for sure. I hope you enjoy the fun with your cat for a long time.

P.S. Love the T-shirt from the rally that you went to before you left the left coast....Take care


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