Wheat / Grain Missing.....Again

 UPDATE 2-Trader, bank probe missing grain in Ukraine, Russia

It would seem that Grain is a popular item to disappear over in Russia/ Ukraine. Today we see that 30 million dollars worth can't be accounted for in a silo in the Ukraine. 2 days ago there was a report of  30,000,000 bushels of wheat missing from Russia.

I think there might be a little funny business going on here, fraud, theft, it never existed. Either way I am sure this will affect prices in some way or the other, most likely not in the way we want either. Food IMHO will become a volatile commodity at some point, wars have been fought over it in the past, wars are being fought over it now in some in some 3rd world places. If you have the ability to stock up, do so, choose foods that have a long shelf life and if I am wrong the worst that happens is that you saved some money by buying more now versus later when the price is higher, it always seems to go higher.


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