71 Year old granny knocks out thug

Hell hath no fury like a woman with a frying pan


71-year-old Kansan beats in-home attacker unconscious, police say

This 25yo moron talked his way into the 71yo home and tries to attack her, Folks if you have parents or grandparents please have a word with them about how people are not so nice anymore, this asshat is no boy scout and I am sure had this lady's not so best interests at heart. This could have been ugly for here but instead he gets a frying pan to the head, not what I would grab as my first choice of weapons but none the less it seems it was pretty affective, now hopefully she does not get sued for some stupid reason. Don't laugh folks it happens. 


1 comment:

chinasyndrome said...

Ah,the .44 mag frying pan.Go granny!What a dumb*** you got knocked the #### out by a little old lady, hum no street credits there.



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