Protesting students, Royal car attack, security = F-

     I am sure that by now most of you have heard that students are going nuts over in England because they are being asked to pay for their education, what a novel concept paying for something that you use, how dare someone charge me for providing a service.

     Well it would seem these snot nose punks have decided to follow the time honored tradition of if I can't have it my way then I will loot, burn, destroy or injure someone , wonderful concept kids. Lets destroy stuff that will cost money to repair or replace, that will be money that you can bet will not go to education, costing you stupid students even more money to go to school.

       The royal family got the royal treatment also from students who happened to catch Prince Charles and Camilla heading to catch a show. Now you would think that the protection of the royal family would be pretty good yeah not so much apparently. It boggles the mind to think that the driver would actually take them on a route that goes through an ongoing riot, hello riot here!! To add insult to injury another security flaw that happened was that a window had been left down partially or broken as I have seen different reports on this but either way a screw up. During one video you could hear "off with their heads" my I think someone was a little mad, I also say where it was reported that Camilla was actually assaulted with a stick through the aforementioned window opening, Here in the US you can get shot for a hell of a lot less. I for one would want a change in security people if it were me.

What I take away from this is first of all do not drive through a riot of upset students, and if you do make sure the windows are up and the doors are locked. Last but not least if someone gets through a window and is assaulting your wife then shoot the bastard and then beat the hell out of yourself for being in that position in the first place....


Speaking of window breaking check this one out, sorry I am a sucker for tools.

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