Go Texas

These are some great Plates, I know the DMV takes a lot of crap but for once they did something great.

 Here is the Site: http://www.myplates.com/ComingSoon
All Plates are approved by the TxDMV and due for release in the coming months. To register your interest for one of the new designs, click on the plate and submit your contact information and the friendly team at My Plates will keep you informed about the release date of the plate.


chinasyndrome said...

Hell ya thats cool! Gee wonder which one Mayberry or Ye Old Furt will chose? I think I know!All those who are trying to maintain OPSEC may want to pass,sure tip off as to where ya stand.


Anonymous said...

You KNOW which one I've got my eye on!! OPSEC be damned. "Come and Take It", me boyos.

Mayberry said...

I second Furt's choice! Can we get one of each for front and rear? : )

Scott R said...

Morning Guys thanks for stopping by:

China, as dumb as most people are they might not even give it a second thought, I think you are right though in that L.E. would notice and you might get a little extra attention.

YeOldFurt: that would be the one I would take my self if we had it here, I figure we are all ready pegged as troublemakers anyway so what the heck.

Mayberry: I had not thought of that since we only are required a rear plate here but I do not see why they wouldn't let ya do it it is just $$$


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