S 510 Food Safety bill is still alive

By Mike Adams - Natural News

The U.S. government wants to know where your greenhouse is. Under Senate Bill 510 — which is now back in the hands of the U.S. Senate after the House hid an amendment in an appropriations bill and passed it last night — American food producers would be required to register their facilities with the U.S. government. The feds, it seems, want a database of food growers so they know who to target for surprise inspections (show me your papers!).

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     little by little, day by day we keep getting proposed laws piled upon us for our own good, we are at something like 300,000 federal laws, find me a lawyer who can even recite 1,000 of them, hogwash I say. Large Agra business's already have huge controls on them, adding more to them only raises prices on you and drives them out of business or puts them into .GOV control.

     You having a garden is a threat to them, it means you are not under their thumb for something, I say good as they have enough control as it is, far too much control. Over regulation has killed this country in almost everything we do.  If anything ever was a right growing your own food free from the interference of government should be it. If you want to control something go control the border first as I am sure there are all kinds of fruits and vegetables being snuck over. 


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