Potential jurors "mutiny" Montana

Would-be jurors stage 'mutiny' in marijuana case

Associated Press 
Nearly all 27 Missoula County residents during the jury selection process on Thursday told District Court Judge Dusty Deschamps there was no way they would convict anybody of having a couple of buds of marijuana.
While many people may have an opinion with respect to drugs and what there standing should be in our society. What I really find interesting is the fact that a group of potential jurors told the DA to basically stick it, and this is over a drug charge on a guy that you would not want to invite to dinner. Now this begs the question, were the potential jurors whacked out of their minds? or were they witness to the consequences of a failed drug enforcement policy and said enough is enough?


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Mayberry said...

Maybe it's the fact that most Montanans understand the concept of Liberty...


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