Stupidity and learning

     Stupidity can be a valuable learning tool I believe, to me it goes right along with learning from your mistakes, it's how we grow and learn. You could say we also become less stupid, either that or dead.

     One correlation that seems to to be pretty constant (but not always)  has to do with age, I am sure most of you have heard the term "young, dumb and full of edited" well you know the rest. The point being is that when we are younger we take chances because we think we are bullet proof and physically we pretty much are, in truth really we just did stupid things because we didn't know any better (or thought we knew everything) or had never gotten seriously hurt. I know that's how it worked for me and now I know better, Older and wiser because of the mistakes I did make when I was younger. Today I put a whole lot more thought into almost anything I do, I recognize my mortality and when I think back to some of the work I have done in my past it scares the hell out of me, how I was never seriously injured boggles my mind.

     In almost any setting you have leaders and followers and both are necessary to function. To be a good leader one has to make decisions, they may not always be right but someone has to decide on a course. A good leader will also know how to take direction himself. Another good trait  is to take into consideration the thoughts and opinions of others when and where it is practical and when it is not you need a little finesse in getting people to do things that they do not understand at the moment.

Forming a good working relationship is key to good success and remembering that we have gained experience by doing, making mistakes and by being stupid at some point.

Be safe.

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