Sorry everyone for being away from the keyboard for such a long time but work has been killing be here the last few months, I do feel fortunate that my industry is as resilient as it is compared to many others that are still in the tank and IMHO will remain so for quite a while. A fault of mine is in seeing a lot of the negatives on any number of things and the economy is one that I really pay attention to. Reports seem to be coming out in many places that things are looking up and good times are just over the horizon well I hope so but for my two cents I am not buying it, I think we are just seeing a small bubble brought on in some part to appease the masses so they will be happy little voters come election time. In the grand scheme of things I am not convinced that we have even seen rock bottom yet, Why? because we have not fixed the problems that have dragged us down yet. This country has a huge spending problem that will bite us in the rear and that is not an if but a when.

     15 Trillion dollars + is one hell of a lot of money and we are adding to it every single day, we borrow 40 cents of every dollar to prop ourselves up every day and no amount of taxing the rich will even make a dent in our problems, we could take everything they have and it would still not matter. 100 billion is what apple has to play with and that's a lot of money but do you think it would make a dent in our problems? Not even close.

    Whats the solution? I wish I knew but I do know that almost everyone will not like it even though it is our own fault, I do not blame the politicians or the big companies I blame we the people because we ultimately put them in power or we continued to support them with our money. We have failed ourselves and it was done over a long time and it will take an even longer time to repair, but it will happen. All countries and all governments fail at some point and we are not any different, this country has already been rocked by a civil war and weather you want to attribute it to the slavery issue or the states rights issue or a combination of both the fact remains that the event shows  it can happen here. There are any number of issues that could spark a return the utter chaos that would ensue and completely change this country in ways that are almost unfathomable.

     I know that I am preaching to the choir here in many respects but I feel that a rosy outcome is not in the countries future as there are too many things working against us and please do not think any one election will change anything this is beyond that, The numbers have already dictated the outcome.

Prep hard everyone, for so many reasons.  

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We lost a good man today, a father, husband and a man blessed with great talent, His shoes will be very hard to fill.

Rest in piece Mr. Breitbart

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