Irene, The Unprepared and Under-prepared

     No one is immune from a natural disaster in this world, at some point you will be exposed, that's a fact you can not change.

     While the above statement holds true and you can't change it you can lesson it's effects on you and your family with a little forethought. If you look at the situation this week and weekend on the east coast you know that far too many people came up short with some very basic items. This is nothing new and it happens every single time there is some sort of disruption in our daily lives and it just does not need to happen.

     We as in with many other things take far too much for granted and it has a nice way of turning around and biting us in the AZZ, I am guilty as anyone else being the procrastinator that I can be sometimes. I believe we dodged a pretty big bullet with this hurricane, yes there were fatalities but not quite what some people were predicting and less in this case is always better.

     One good thing that did happen was that many who were asked to evacuate did so, better to err on the side of caution if you can, still there will always be die hard's that will want to remain behind and that is their choice. With that choice though please be prepared and keep in mind "what are you protecting" stuff can be bought again so is it worth it?

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Terri said...

So true we are procrastinators I think as a denial factor. We have that mentality of "it won't happen to me"

BadVooDooDaddy said...

Some very good points. It is so true that you can buy more stuff but can't replace a life. It was a good test to see where the holes in our prep's are. My daughter lives in Florida and thankfully she dodged the bullet this time but she may not be as lucky next time.

Modern Day Redneck said...

I just found your blog and hit the follow button. Good stuff.

Scott R said...

Terri, Oh so true.

Bad, I am glad to hear she made it through OK, Holes may be a little small depending on the situation it may be

Modern, glad you found us and thanks for the comment.


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