This months jobs numbers, up, Really?

     So everyone is all excited about this months jobs numbers of around 117,000 + or -

Well on the front side yes it would look like things are moving forward for a change, pun pun.  I have one small problem though that ruins the party, the above number does not take into the account the fact that you have new people coming into the job market every month as well.

That number of new employment seeking individuals is roughly the same as the jobs added this month so I wouldn't call this report good at all, it just means we stopped the bleeding for one month and who knows what next month will bring. Now a good month will be a quarter or a half million jobs added followed by about four dozen months of the same numbers and I just do not see that happening either.

So where does this lead us? No where good that's for sure, the only place it will lead us is to where sooner or later and I am betting the latter we wake up and force Government to get the hell out of the way and quit meddling  and regulating us to death. It is tough enough to do business in this country as compared to other countries, now do not get me wrong I do not want out of control business practices that would harm the environment or workers but you have to be able to compete and we make that pretty hard right now. Another aspect that we really need to do is to shift our purchasing choices to more products made right here, that means jobs here. I really believe in taking care of our own workers first, I want to keep the money here. Will that product cost more? most likely yes but what is the cost of not buying it, lost jobs is the cost and you will pay for it dearly in other ways, food for thought....

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Matt said...

I just found it very convenient that it came out "so good" the next morning after a major blood-letting on Wall Street. I really believe they were doctored numbers.

Scott R said...

Matt, It would not surprise me in the least if some of the numbers were slighted in their favor, I wouldn't trust them with a dead cockroach..

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