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     OK everyone seems to have an opinion as of late on how the markets will fair when they open, it went terrible for the markets in Israel today and I have seen predictions that the Asian markets will not fair even better. What in turn does this mean for the US markets? Who knows but we will find out come Monday.

I do not expect for it to be too devastating but I would think it may not be too good either.

What are your opinions? I would like to hear them.

Update: As of 6:38 pm the New Zealand markets are already 100 points down. Yikes

Update as of 11:15 pm: all Asia/ Pacific markets are down, not terribly but they are still down and that may be a pretty good indication of how our markets may go come Monday, oh well such is life, the pied piper will be paid.

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Mountain Prepper said...

I will be placing an order for three more firearms first thing Monday.

Three more are already on order and have not arrived at the local shop yet.

I sold a very expensive luxury item and the money is going to investments.


KelTec PF9
Savage .308 rifles
Any “black rifle” of any caliber. (The HK91 clones from PTR are under 1000 bucks each and mags are as low as a buck each)

Scott R said...

Excellent idea MP, I will admit I did a little ordering today myself.

Thanks for the input today.

Mountain Prepper said...

Guns and ammo could be the new gold and silver.

We will see...

Watch your 6 brothers...

chinasyndrome said...

I would expect to see the dow down open 100 - 300 points lower,drop a bit then come back.Investors are strange critters though,that little tiny bump in employment made them happy?


scared said...

The market and the world are doing their best ot hide the reality of the sorry state we are all in. Nothing good coming out. even the ECB bond purshases are temporary. The dow is headed to 10,000 on the positive side and 8000 on negative. The 401K influx has raised the entire market beyond actual levels. Look at a 20 year plot of the DOW and you can see where we should be. We are headed to that level as the average investor is scared out of the market and into "safe" historic investments. CD's and savings accounts.

Scott R said...

China, after today I wish your prediction was a little closer to reality as it would have been much better than the reality. Thanks for stopping by.

Scared, appreciate you stopping by the blog here, good info and you are right, I wouldn't get into any kind of a 401K, they just do not seem safe and are ripe for takeover by the .Gov, the winner today seems to be gold as usual.

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