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My new Affiliate Intro

    Ladies and gentlemen I have added another Preparedness Affiliate to the site, it is always good to shop around so it you have a moment please give them a whirl, They are currently having a food storage sale so again see if then have anything to offer.

Also one thing of interest and it is free as well it their Emergency Preparedness Guide Book, This is a real basic book this a free download in PDF format or it is a free paper book with an order. This book or PDF is neutral enough to pass down to someone who might  be a little skittish on the subject of Preparedness so please check it out.


Special Thanks

I have to give out a special thanks today to Radio Blogger for this new header, I really hated the two previous ones I had and he sent me what you now see and it is far better then I could manage, I hardly get past stick figures. Please if you get a chance check out his site  Preparedness sub culture

Thanks Radio Blogger

A Review Of MD Creekmore’s Survivalist Blog

     Early sometime last year, I came across Mr. Creekmore's Survival Blog - one big difference between this site and so many others is that  Mr Creekmore actually lives and practices what he writes about.  When you live what you write about you give that advice more authenticity and it is more apt to be used or adapted, that is how the work is presented on his site. 

     Some of the many good things about this site is that any level of prepper can learn something, He has information that can get a beginner going like 10 Things To Do Now!   This is something that can help break the ice for someone who is just getting into preparedness because it can be very overwhelming considering the vast wealth of information and opinions out there.

     One good reason to go with an established site such as The Survivalist Blog   is that after you get comfortable and you find a direction that you want to start preparing in you can take advantage of the wealth of articles that are stored in the archives, real experiences matter and you do not have to go it alone when you can read about what has already been tried and documented, I would strongly urge people to acquire as much knowledge as possible, gear is great but skills and knowledge will get you through the long term. Mr Creekmore has an assembly of what should be in everyone's survival files Top 14 Survival Downloads You Should Have.

     One issue if anything I have has to do with the categories section  and it is more of a personal issue then a dislike, I generally like to have subjects broken out a little more in the categories section. A good alternative to this is a site specific search bar which is available just below his categories section.

      Overall this site is one of the better ones that anyone can learn from as the subject matter is very relevant and written in a way that is easy to understand and employ. Staying in touch is also very easy as RSS feeds are available as well as E-Mail updates.


Energy, Food and the Chinese Economy article

A reader Rick In CO  here flagged an article over at naked capitalism worth reading with some insight on our energy, food and how it has and might affect China.

La NiƱa as Black Swan – Energy, Food Prices, and Chinese Economy Among Likely Casualites

Rick is also a blogger with his own site so check him out when you get a chance Family Prep


Survival Quiz site

Found a site that I haven't found before it is a survival site that has quiz's on many subjects from Terrorism to Volcano's and it also has quite a bit of other information, Check them out your guaranteed to learn something.

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