Example to learn from. Cholera outbreak

      I am sure most of you have heard about the outbreak of Cholera down in Haiti, the only thing that surprises me is me is in how long it took for something like this to finally happen. Haiti being a mess well before the earthquake hit them will have it's hands even more full now. Aid is pouring in left and right but with  over a hundred dead already and more on the way who knows where this will go.

     I would take away from this the importance of having a clean water supply or at least a way to make contaminated water clean again. Water in most but not all situations is second only to air, you have to have it to survive. Take along with that horrible sanitation practices or lack of any practices and you end up with problems like these , it is not a place I would like to be in at all. Now could something like this happen here in the States or some other developed country? The answer is yes and it has already happened before, being a developed country there is an infrastructure in place to take care of these issues but remove part of the infrastructure and we could end up in an even worse pickle as we are so dependent on it. We take it for granted that it will always be there. Take for example an extended blackout, say 5 to 7 days and make that in a major city, where are you going to get your water from? Most water is pumped in, same with your sewage out. We take it for granted that the tap will work and the toilet will flush and when it does not whats the backup plan? especially if you live on the 20th floor of an apartment building. Technology is a huge plus, that is until it fails. Most people in a developed nation have forgotten how to " Rough it " so to speak. Take the opportunity to asses you liquid assets I.E. water and water purification strategies, Sanitation? whats your plan for that as well, you can't hold it.

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russell1200 said...

I agree. But in fairness to the Haitians, an awful lot of preps could be rubbled by a big earth quake, and most of them did not have a lot of money to work with.

Scott said...

Russel you are 100% correct in that preps could disappear in an instant, roll the dice on what type or when a disaster could hit you. As for the poverty of the people and lack of money yes that does not help the situation at all. Add to that an inept government.

chinasyndrome said...

Scott,very true Bro sanitation is very important for a healthy life.Russel is spot on this is where knowledge pays even more than supplies!Good post.Bucket toilets and poopie bags are not as sexy as Ar's and Ak's but probably just as important!


Scott said...

China I will agree I would rather have the knowledge over the supplies in most cases. Also reality I believe means you will be using the crapper a lot more than the rifle, well if you are smart anyway..... Thanks for stopping By China.

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