Friday UPS dry runs

     The news seems to be hopping with UPS planes being used for dry runs from Yemen, DHS seems to be looking at several aircraft and now a UPS truck stopped on the road with the bomb squad. Add to that the evacuation of a federal courthouse housing the federal Marshals. I call this a busy Friday huh. Early is the day and I am sure it will dominate the news for the day. For what it seems like right now it looks like a pretty big "dry run" scenario. Not much more to add for now. Take care and be safe.

I am still in the belief that when we get hit again I am not sure it will be what we have seen in the past, I think it will be a much softer and unheard target such as the one I have written about below.

U.S. terrorism ( Fictitious attack)


 Also one related to a Cyber terrorism issue 


Lessons from the Morgan Hill, CA Cyber attack


 More and more this whole incident seems to be a DRY RUN



chinasyndrome said...

I think you are right Bro!


Scott said...

Hell China I wish I was right more often, this incident looks to be a mixture of dry and some actual attempts but it seems they got stopped cold this time.

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