Log cabin day 22

      Today ended up being an outside day as we are trying to get this cabin sealed up for winter. You can see the difference in weathering of the T-111 paneling that we put up today at the top, we are about done on three sides then we can get more work done inside.
 Here is a side view, on the left below the temp window and above the four stubbed out logs there will be another roof line that will come out and cover the deck that will go all the way around the cabin, this will also hide the ugly transition at the log to T-111 spot.
     I pulled up a few pictures from the original construction of this cabin and you can see the difference a year and a half makes on the logs, they weather really quick. When we have everything all sealed in and have the decks build we are going to sandblast the logs then seal them and it will go back to being a little lighter in color.

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