Log cabin day 18

      Well work is starting up again on the cabin and today we closed in the front wall. The French doors are ordered but we will wait to install them so we do not ding them up. We made up a temp door though and to either side of the french door location you can see the cutouts for the other two glass doors that will be installed at a later data also.
      On the third floor when we redesigned it we were able to add a small storage space above the bathroom, it is a nine by nine by about three foot high in the center so it will have plenty of room for not very used items. Access will be by a pull down ladder in the hallway.
      Casper the friendly ghost showed up, actually that streak it the by-product of an led light. It is hard to see but on the wall is the first opening on the right, below the streak that is an opening so you can look out from the third floor to the second.
     Here to the right is that same opening that you get to look out to the floor below. We are getting close to closing this cabin in before winter gets here, it has already dipped into the 20's this last week.


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