October, Yeah

     Well October is here and that means we can expect to be bombarded with every political add imaginable for candidate X,Y and Z. I can understand the argument for and against term limits in the house and senate and I think it might be time for them. I figure this might be a way  to get in a consistent group of fresh blood, it might even drop the cost of a candidate running for said office too, money seems to price out what would be a good candidate because they do not have 10 or 100 million to throw to a race, I do not think that is what the framers had in mind long ago. Oh well I do not see any chance of things going to a better way anytime soon, we have some very serious problems going on here in this country and this coming election is not going to fix them. Like it or not we have spent about the last 100 years digging ourselves into our messes and it will take us at least that long to get out of ( peacefully anyway ) I myself though think we will get out of it in a bloodier way.


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