Border violence, this time on our side

     Well I would say that it is not exactly the first batch of violence on this side of the border but I have been wondering when we would start to see it reported more.


Police Chief: Border Violence Has Offically Crossed Over

Last Update: 10/04 6:24 pm

BROWNSVILLE – Brownsville Police Chief Carlos Garcia says the border violence has officially crossed over into the Valley. Two Tamaulipas men were assassinated inside a truck Friday.

The chief of police says the investigation has led them to believe this wasn’t a crime committed by someone in the US. “This was a hit ordered by the cartel,” he says.

Cameron County Judge Carlos Cascos isn’t surprised to see spillover violence in Brownsville. He says, “it was a matter of time before it trickled down to our community.”

Residents say they didn't think it would become a reality. One woman who wanted to conceal her identity says witnessing a crime, such as the shooting of the Tamaulipas men, could be very dangerous. "If an innocent family would have been passing by and seen that they would have been the next target," said one woman. She worries about future violence and is considering moving out of the Valley.

Cascos advises everyone to be cautious and more aware of their surroundings.

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