Log cabin day 20 and 21

      OK I have combined yesterday with today because of issues the other day, today was a little better and we have a very good plan for tomorrow. Now for the other day we installed this fold down ladder in the 3rd floor hallway, it goes up to the very small attic that we squeezed in above a bathroom. Most of what we did is hard to see, decking above the bathroom really does not show too well. 
 This stud framing will separate the master bath from the master bedroom, in between the wall separation we are fitting in a closet for the bath and the bedroom.
 This is another view of the bedroom/ bathroom closets
 A view from the master bedroom, to the right is the opening for sliding door that will be installed. Also under these stairs will be storage/ pantry space.
Another view of the stairs and the opening for the sliding door going into the master bedroom.


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